Benny 4700’s Top 20 Favorite Films of all Time

Well that Guy and I have decided to post our favorite films. Now these options are are opinions, you dont have to agree with them and were not saying that these are the greatest films of all time there just the ones we like the most. Also there are some more obscure ones here so I will add a brief plot sypnosis for some films. So without further ado, here are my Top 20 Favorite Films of all time.

20) 2012

This is one of Emmerich’s 4 disaster movies and by far my favorite. Now I’m gonna come out and say it, this is not a good movie by general standards. Most of the characters are bland and it suffers from the usual Emmerich cliches of awful extras and the ex formula. Nevertheless the effects are spectacular and I honestly think this is what the goverment would do if they discovered that the end was nigh. I like the whole saving our most important peices of art and History an I like the scenes where they contact the words wealthiest to sell them tickets. The acting isn’t that awful and it is nice to see such destruction on such a widespread scale. To be honest while many people would count this as a guilty pleasure I don’t feel guilty in the slightest while watching this.

19) Jurassic Park

What self respecting little boy doesn’t like dinosaurs? I freaking love this movie. The effects are great, the dinosaurs are totally believable and the characters are just great. I especially love the head of security, he’s such a minor yet incredibly awesome character. Sam Neil and Laura Dern are enjoyable as the Paleontologists and Jeff Goldblum is brilliant as the sarcastic and generally pesimistic chaos theory scientist, but the dinosaurs steal the show. As a child I loved to see my favorite dinosaurs brought to life realistically on the big screen. Hell the sequels aren’t that bad, well the third one was. Nevertheless I love this movie and if you haven’t seen it then there is something wrong with you.

18) Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope

Definatly one of the best movies of all time, a New Hope is just brilliant. I love the actors, the characters are likable, the locations are beautiful, th effects are good for the time and hell even stand up today. But by far the best points about this film are the music and the story. John Williams is just a composing God. The score for this film is just fantastic. The story is also great and entirely original. Iespecially love the design of Vader and the ships. The Death Star has to be one of the images most closely associated with Sci-Fi. Its also one of the most parodied movies of all time and Spaceballs is based almost entirely on it. The characters are totally original, I especially love the relationship between C3PO,Campest thing in the Galexy, and R2D2. A great film, just lovely.

17) Indiana Jones, The Last Crusade

The search for the Holy Grail has captivated the minds of people for 1000’s of years, therefore it only logically that Indiana Jones should be the one to find it. I love this series, 1 and 3 especially but this is my favorite and for several reasons. Firstly Sean Fucking Connery. Hell yeah I love this guy. They say alot of the inspirtions for the Indiana Jones character comes for James Bond and so when searching for an actor to play the guys dad you need Bond….James Bond, there I said it ya happy now!? I love the Father/Son relationship between these 2 characters and there are a hell of a lot of funny moments between them. Secondly the Nazi’s. It is so good to see these guys back after the second movie. In my opinion only the Nazi’s can fight Indiana Jones, not Indians, not Russians Nazi’s. The first movie got it right but this movie perfected it. Thirdly the challenges to reach the grail are fun. I love the whole faith based riddles etc, its like the Crystal maze meets Christian mastermind, I love it! Finally Elsa Schneider. I never thought I’d ever say this again but my God what an attractive Nazi! Seriously this is a great film and if I were to mention all its good points we would be here forever.

16) The Prince Of Egypt

The animated musical genre is a big one and Disney pretty much owns it. Sometimes other producers try their hand at it. Most fail, but one film stands out as being incredibly succesful, ranking alongside many of the titans of Disney at the time. This is the Prince of Egypt. Now I’m an Atheist but this story of the passover and the Jew’s quest for the promise land is just spectacular. Its brillaintly told and focuses alot more on the fact that Pharoah and Moses are brothers than Charlton Heston’s masterpeice the Ten Commandments did. The characters are deep and very likable, the cast is star studdes including Val Kilmer, Patrick Stewart, Ralph Finnes, Michell Pfieffer the list is endless. The songs are great some being deep and emotive others being a hell of alot of fun. I love the focuses on the psychological harm that the damge Moses is doing to his brother and his home city is doing. He must feel awful for the death of his nhephew and this shows. It also challenges God and his goodness. The animation is fantastic and I especially love the scene where the Jews are walking between the sides of the split Red Sea, it is truly awesome. This film is an underated classic and more people should watch it. God knows I always watch it around Easter time, just to get me in the mood.

15) Chicago

My God this is a great musical and believe me when I saw it is incredibly difficult to make a film out of it. It has some fantastic acting talent, Richard Gere, Renee Zellweger and of course Catherine Zeta Jones. I freaking adore this actress and she helps make this film sexy. In fact I’d argue it is perhaps the sexiest musical ever, the songs the talnet the clothing, the scenery its just a sexy film. I love the songs 4 in particular with All That Jazz being the most famous and I also love the plot. Chicago doesn’t stick to the usual musical formula of bursting into son and I love the way the songs are portrayed on an actual stage rather that in the actual scene. This is based around the mindset of the Roxy Hart character who wants to be a singer and the actual premise of the film which shows both Roxy and Velma to be using their infamy to the max and enjoying every step of it. These characters are just great despite the fact that 99% of them are not nice characters. We love them but their murderers, greedy lawyers and extortionate prison Wardens, more of those to come. This is a fantastic musical and I love every single second of it.

14) Pirates of the Carribean Dead Man’s Chest

This is just a great adventure and I freaking love it. By far the best thing about it has to be Depp as Jack Sparrow, I don’t think a more likable character than this guy. Sure he’s selfish but my God he’s funny and just an alround lovable rogue. I love the story and especially the design of Davy Jones and his crew. It looks very natural and certainly very memorable. The scenes are well scripted and an obvious example of this being the 2 kraken attacks. The effects in this film are briliant. I love the crazy voodoo woman in the swamp and I really like the Barbossa character. I love Geoffery Rush and it was nice to see him again. Even if it was for a few seconds and right at the end. I dont like Elizibeth Swan that much but she’s far less likable and more annoyingly British in the ohter 2, especially Worlds End, and the locations are just beautiful I love to see the old galleons on the bright blue sea in this film and there is a lot  of that in this film. The other crew members are alot of fun and I like the battle on the island. To be honest I love this film and it is well deserving of the number 14 spot.

13) Se7en

My God is this movie disturbing. Basically a serial Killer is trying to complete his life’s work by killing people, a person for each sin. Where to I begin. I love the premise, I love the depresion that the city style seems to exude and its always raining. The murders are just ingenious and actually quite graphic. My favorite has to be Pride where a vain woman has a phone glued to one hand and a box of sleeping pills to the other. The killer then cuts her nose off, bandages her up and then gives her a choice. She can either phone for help and go on living but she will be horribly scarred for life or alternativly she can overdose on sleeping pills and kill herself. I wont spoil it for you but she’s dead. The killer isn’t revealed towards the end, hell the actors name isn’t even in the opening credits they wanted to hide it so much, and I like the way we never actually see the killer, John Doe, kill anybody only the scene after the police arive and the actual murder itself is told through mortuary reports, crime scene analysis etc. Another thing is I love the 2 main characters, Brad Pitt and the man-God that is Morgan Freeman. These 2 are completly different. Pitt is angry and violent while Freeman is calm and collected. Pitt can be brash, arrogant and reckless while Freeman likes to sit back and look at the stiuation. The 2 offset each other perfectly and while their backstories are rather cliche, Freeman is the elderly cop set for retirement while Pitt is the eager young guy who has just moved to the city and the force. Its so cliche but it doesn’t nmatter because the 2 characters are instantly likable. The ending is perhaps more famous than the movie itself. It is a twist and I was shocked but my God is it perfect. This is a fantastic movie and I recommend it whole heartedly.

12) The Carry on series

Yeah I know its not strictly one movie but a series, well I couldn’t pick one there all hilarious and I love them. I love its raunchy humour, I love its characters I love its actors, Charles Hawtrey in particular usually playing the mummy’s boy. I love the endless stream of inuendo’s and I love the countless amounts of hilarious situations that these characters find themselves in. Some of my favorite are Carry on up the Kyber, Carry On Abroad and of course Carry on Camping. These characters are just so likable its ridiculous. I think everybody can identify with at leat on of them, theres always the lovable rogue and womaniser, Sid James, the camp opposite of the Sid James Character, Kennath Williams, the mummy’s boy, Charles Hawtrey, the youg attractive girl who turns all the men’s heads, Babera Windsor, the older yet still very attractive wife, Joan Sims, the overweight yet sexually active woman, Hattie Jaques usually a matron, the dimwitted but kindhearted best freind, Bernard Bresslaw. The list is endless. There are so many likable characters and its nice to see them over and over again in the other movies. Carry on Series has 2 great British institutions, Barbera Windsor and arkward sexual moments. Love it.

11) Porco Rosso

This is a Japanese animation movie and I just love its uniqueness and its animation. The premise is simple. A WW1 fighter pilot, whoose also a pig, is the enemy of sea pirates who want to kill him. Porco has a romance with Gina, wh’s husband was freinds with Porco and was then shot down, who owns a resturant/hotel and a freindship with young mechanic called Fio. I love this film. I love its visuals and the animation is superb, the characters are very likable and I especially enjoy the coky southern fighter who is a rival of Porco. I do like the mystery behind Porco and the relationship he has with the other characters like the girl and Gina. My favorite scene is the part where Porco is in Italy and I especially like the Italian mechanic family. This film has funny moments, serious moments, heartwarmijng moments. It has it all. It is a great movie and I would recomend it.


Now this is the only Hitchcock movie I’ve seen but based on this alone I’ll be sure to give the others a go. Its premise is great, 2 freinds, possibly homosexuals, attempt the perfect murder smply because they believe that they have the right of life and death over certain others. The film opens with them strangeling a man and putting his body in a trunk. They then throw a dinner party to try to maintain the rush of getting caught. Shot in only 2 takes, Rope is a fantastic thriller. It has 2 fantastic main characters in the form of Brandon and Phillip. These guys are very different from one another. While Brandon is cocky and totally convinced of his philosophy while Phillip s less sure of what he’s doing and seems to be following Brandon. Bradon wants top continually increase the risk almost wanting to tell people and brag about the crime he has commited, Phillip is more afraid of the consequences. The 2 characters play off each other brilliantly and the other characters are also excellent. I especially like James Stewart’s performance as the college teacher who unintentionally inspired the murder. I favorite scene has to be at the dinner party where Brandon is discussing his philosophy with the guests which include the victim’s family. It is just so deliciously twisted. Based on this film, I will certainly give Hitchcock’s other films a go.

9) A Fish Called Wanda

A comedy based around a robbery and the dilema of who to trust with the loot, A Fish Called Wanda is a charming and hilarious comedy. Theres just so much to love about it. I love the characters, the animal lover with a stuter played by Micheal Palin, the violent American who thinks he’s a philosoper played by Kevin Kline, the lawyer who is completly bored with his life the list is endless and these are some great characters. Jamie Lee Curtis is just great and turns in one of the best performances of her career. I like the premise of all the robbers making alliances between the group and how they have no idea who to trust. Some of the most memorable scens in this movie include Kline’s speech insulting the British and the attempted robbery not to mention the interrogation scene with Palin’s fish. Comedy Gold. I love this movie if for nothing else for my favorite movie insult of all time “Your so stupid you thought the London underground was a political movement!”

8) Breathing Lessons

Now this is probably the most obscur of the entries on this list mainly because its a tv movie. The premise is simple. A elderly married couple travel to Baltimore for a freinds funeral and on the way reconcile their maggiage and ressurect their romance. Their are also sub-plots including helping an elderly black man change his tire, its far more interesting and funny than it ouunds, and trying to reconcile her son with his ex. This is a great film, based on the Pulitzer winning novel of the same name by Anna Tyler,and I especially love the relationship beteen the married couple. Ira, played by James Garner, is far more grounded and sensible, prefering to play it safe than to enjoy life to the full while Maggie, played by Joanne Woodward, is far more funloving and inspired, seeing the beauty in life and enjoying it. I especially love the scenes where Maggie’s trying to reconcile her son and his ex. She goes about it in an interferring way and Ira doesn’t approve but we see that she’s just trying to do whats best for the people involved, even if it means manipulating and lying. This is a great albeit obscur movie that I find charming and warm. Take the dive and watch Breathing Lessons.

7) Escape To Athena

I love Greece and of all the films I’ve seen Escape To Athena portrays it in the best way. Set during the German occupation of Greece in WW2 Escape To Athena is set around a German Major, Played by Roger Moore, as he leads a dig for Greek artifacts using POW’s as diggers while selling on the more expensive peices. The Resistance is led by Telly Salvas and they plan to destroy a German U-Boat station using a concert with Charley and Dottie, Played by Elliot Gould and Stephanie Powers, as cover. Escape To Athena is a war movie but its also a treaure hunt movie with elements of comedy. Moore and Salvas are powerhouse actors and Elliot Gould is funny as hell. The Gestapo major is a ood villain who ruthlessly executes the townspeople for minor offences. And most importantly it has possibly the coolest moterbike scenes in any movie I have seen. The chase is set in the winding Greek streets which are more like a labyrinth than a town. This movie is a great ride with some serious moments carefully balenced with comedy.

6) Fried Green Tomatoes

This is such a lovely movie. Evelyn, Played by Kathy Bates, is a bored, unhappy, timid housewife whoose husband ignores her. On a hospital visit to her Aunt in law Evelyn meets the elderly Ninny, played by Jessica Tandy, who tells her the story of Idgie and Ruth, two women who founded thw histle stop cafe. The film is split into 2 plots. The first plot is the freindship between Evelyn and Ninny and my God I love these 2 characters and the way Eveyln ries to spice up her marriage is just hilarious. Evelyn learns how to be stronger and less timid from Ninny which results in alot of funny moments I was actually a little teary eyed when Evelyn thought her freind had died. Thats the sign of a good character, when you mourn them. The second plot revolves around Idgie and Ruth. I also like the relationship between these characters, I dont want to spoil too much but I mourned here as well. The characters in this are very likable, Ruth is a civilliased lady trapped in an abuusive marriage while Idgie is a tomboy and , much like Ninny and Evelyn, they learn alot from one another. This is just a great film and it deserves to be watched over and over again.

5) Richard III

To my shame this is one of only 2 Shakesperean works that I have read, the other being Romeo and Juliet, this is by far my favorite. This is also one of 2 film adaptions I have seen the first being an Elizibethan and pretty boring film. The second is the one featured on the list. It stars Ian McKellen as Richard himself. Ok first thing I like about this film, the actor and the character. McKellen is just fantastic and I love his work, he’s totally believable and seems to be enjoying every second of it. Now I’m gonna come out and say it, Richard is just a bastard and I love it. He does such horrible things for his own personal gain. He murders his brothers, his advisors, his nephew, his wife, betrays pratically everone and feels no remorse until towards the end. A second thing I love about this film is the setting. Its set in a early 1900’s era where instead of swords they have rifles and tanks. The language used seems to suit it well. The other characters are also likable, I especially like Richard’s mother played by Maggie Smith, another great actress. She is involved in a great scene where she confronts Richard about the crimes he has commited, in fact she seems to get to Richard when she practically disowns him right to his face and infront of his men. Richard is such a detestable character and probably one of my favorite in all of fiction. If you haven’t seen it give it a go.

4) Spirited Away

My God this is a great movie. The characters are original and likable the plot is fantastic the animation is spectacular. I love the whole Japanese animation genre. I love the music and I love the scenery. Everything about it is great, it isn’t based on a book or another film or even a mythology. It is just itself and its characters are so unique and strangely designed that it is difficult not to respect the concept artists and the producers of this film for creating such a strange world. The story is basic yet still has some original points. A selfish grl is punished and taught to care for others instead of just herself. I love the way the film can be serious as well as funny. Not much else to say really. Spirited Away, a movie so good I might just cry.

3) Hot Fuzz

Yeah I know I’ve spoken about this before but it is one of my favorite movies. I love the characters. There all interesting and quirky and represent all the stereotypes of villiage life. I especially love the 2 main characters and how frustrated Angel gets with Danny and how childlike and eager he is, its just so funny. The premise is fantastic and takes something pretty cliche, a big city guy movies to a small town and is completly out of his confort zone, and makes it new and completly original. I love the ending I love the endless references to other cop movies. Everytime I watch this movie I see something new, something in the background or even the foreground. If you want more information read the review. I love this movie and, as said before, it is pretty much a perfect film.

2) Kill Bill 1 and 2

Quentin Tarantino is without a doubt a genius. Like Hot Fuzz you can tell Tarantino loves the movies he’s referencing, it really shows. He takes inspiration form westerns, samuri movies and other 70/80 action movies. Mainly referenced is Lady Snowblood, a film in which a  woman who was beaten and viciously raped seeks ventunce on those who have wronged her. If you have seen Lady Snowblood then I still think the other references play a part in making a awesome film. If you haven’t seen Lady Snowbllod then the film really stands out on its own. Now I’m not saying this is a revolutionary film in terms of filmaking. Its just a simple revenge story with vast quantities of blood, but thats what people like bout it. The first movie is action based while the second concentrates more on story. The first is very very violent and I love the whole style of it. I love the death list concept, with the Bride, played by Uma Thurman, ticking off those she has killed. I love the actual Deadly Vipers, my favorite is definatly Elle Driver, Played by Daryl Hannah. This character is such a bitchy sadist and the fight scene between Elle and the Bride is one of  my favorite scenes. I love the acting in this, David Carradine(RIP) is great as Bill and the film does a great job hidding the character’s face until the last movie. I love the characters in Japan. Gordon Lui is great as both the head of the Crazy 88 and Pai Mei, who is a hell of an enjoyable character. Another reason why I love this film is the dailogue. It is some of the funniest, quotable stuff I have ever heard in a film and anyone who knows me knows how much I quote this film. I love Elle’s Gargantuem speech and I especially Bill’s dialogue. One of my favorite scenes is when Elle is in the hospital and planning to kill The Bride. That whistle theme is so hypnotizing and creepy I just adore it. I also love the phone conversation between Elle and Bill, its hilarious. The ending of both the movies is great, but my God the music in this film is just spectacular. I love the ending music from Volume 2. Ists just some of the best music ever. I’m not saying these are 2 of the best films ever but there certainly two of my favorites. I could watch these 2 movies for ever.

1) The Shawshank Redemption

Simply perfect. This movie is just perfect. I love the story. I love the acting. I love the characters. Its just fantastic. Firstly Morgan Fucking Freeman, my God this man is a brilliant actor and he works well with the Andy Dufrane Character. Morgan plays Ellis Redding  a man imprisoned who knows how to get things. Dufrane, pklayed by Tim Robbins, is an innocent man wrongly imprisoned and is the main character. I love these 2 actorsand the relationship they have. I also love the villian in ths movie. The warden and the head guard are just nasty people. The Warden is religious yet still corrupt and the head guard is just violent. He swears, beats up the prisoner, killing one and paralysing another. These are 2 really good villians. I like the way the other characters are developed, the librarian who raises the crow and is then released only to commit suicide. This is another thing I enjoy about this film, it portrays big prison issues one of these being the problem of returning to society after years, often decades and adjusting to the changes to society. The second issue raised by this film is a scary and obvious one. Sodomy. Dufrane is beaten and raped by a group of characters called the Sisters. This is a scary issue and I think it helps us to feel for the Dufrane character, we want him to be ok and we hate the Sister’s because of it. I love the way the film shows mainly concentrates on prison itself as if to show that this is the world. These men are completly cut off from the world and it shows. Because of this we feel for Redding everytime he is refused parole knowing he has to spend longer in that hell and we feel for Dufrane for just being there. The extras are just great my favorite has already been mentioned, the librarian, but I also like Redding’s cellmates and the crying guy who is beaten to death evokes a hell of alot of empathy. Finally, I love the ending of this. It is just the nicest ending of any film I’ve ever watched. I won’t spoil it for you but believe me the main 4 characters all get what they deserve. The Shawshank Redemption, my favorite movie of all time.


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