Mike Oldfield – Finale

Ok, I stumbled across this one a few weeks back and have listened to it every time I get the chance.

Finale (sometimes called Tubular Bells) is an amazing song… if that’s what you can call it. Song implies singing, whilst in reality, this ‘song’ is probably better described as an instrumental with words, as the only spoken parts of the song are actually the names of instruments. This, however, works VERY well. It helps you to know what’s coming up, yet supplies humour and intrigue, as you wonder how he’s going to play the next instrument.

Musically, the song is perfect, if a little repetitive. The first 2 minutes are virtually identical, with mild changes in the pitch of the rhythm, but then the piano and organs kick in, and the song starts to gain momentum, like a fat man rolling down a mountain. By the time you reach the bells, You’ll be miming the instruments and wondering what’s next.

Overall, one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. Mike Oldfield is a musical genius. Well done.


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