The Beatles – Let It Be

I love The Beatles. Most of their songs are easy to learn and make you just HAVE to sing along. Let It Be is one of those songs.

The backing music is very relaxed and calm, almost completely Piano or similar instrument, until the chorus, when everything suddenly builds up and kick you in the shin, but it’s okay, because it’s like it’ jumping out at you and offering you some cake. You start off a bit annoyed or confused, but you soon forget all about it.

The lyrics are genius. Not their best work by a long shot, but they really compliment the music. My favourites from the song, are:

When I find myself in times of trouble,

Mother Mary comes to me,

Speaking words of wisdom,

Let it be.

Personally, I take ‘Mother Mary’ to be the voice of God, guiding them down the right path when they need it most, which although a little creepy, makes great lyrics.

I recommend listening to Let It Be and any other Beatles songs you can find. I’ve heard a good 20 or so and not yet found one I dislike.


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