An American Werewolf in London

Vampires have been done to death in film. We had Dracula around 300 times and various other vampire films such as Blade, Salem’s Lot, The Lost Boys THE LIST IS ENDLESS! With all of these vampire films there are remarkably few werewolf films. Sure its a sub-genre but one that is greatly overshadowed by zombie and vampire films. The film that resurrected this semi-genre was An American Werewolf in London.

The film revolves around two American backpackers ,David Kessler (David Naughton) and Jack Goodman (Griffin Dunne),  as they travel across England. The film opens with them deep in the moors and, as they enter the village pub aptly named The Slaughtered Lamb, they are warned by the villagers, who seem to practice some occult form of black magic, to stay off the moors. Suffice to say they do not listen. The boys are attacked by a beast on the moors, Jack is killed and David is badly mauled before the villagers shoot the creature. The rest of the film revolves around David becoming a werewolf and his relationship with a nurse Alex Price (Jenny Agutter). 

This is a great film balancing dark humour with some genuinely frightened moments. This was the big werewolf transformation film, the scene where David first transforms really puts the effects in the 1930’s Wolfman to shame. I love the fact that every song in the film has the word moon in it, I love the direction from John Landis, I love the characters. Jack is a really funny character and David’s struggle with his condition is really brought out well in this. The acting is just superb especially on Naughton and Dunne’s parts. You can really buy the friendship between these two, it seems so genuine. I really like this film. It’s a great film and one that I watch regularly. I’m a personal light its a funny, scary and excellent film. On a professional note, it probably single-handedly revived the whole Werewolf genre.

A great movie that’s funny, scary and easy to watch:


Benny 4700

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