5 thoughts on “Lost Love – July, 2011

  1. Great post, I conceive website owners should acquire a lot from this weblog its very user friendly . “A happy childhood has spoiled many a promising life.” by Robertson Davies.


  2. This isnt that good tbh. More like Haggis is winging more than anything. Actually, under 19’s can love, (An expletive was here, but That Guy removed it in order to prevent Haggis’ feelings from being hurt). I remember when I was that age and the feelings I had then are no different to those I have now!


    1. I don’t think he meant to offend anyone. Heck, I’m 17 and I feel as though I have loved someone the way you’re meant to love them. Did I complain about it? Damn right I did. I got Haggis on skype and pestered the hell out of him until he gave me a good reason for what he’d written. Did I drop it there? Damn right I did. He has his reasons, based on personal experiences. If you knew a bit about him, you’d know that he knows what he’s writing about. Just drop it, yeah? And as for whether he’s winging it? I have a question for you. Do you like my reviews? Any of them at all? I wing ALL of mine. Sometimes it shows. Sometimes it doesn’t. You’ll just got to take the prepped with the ad-libbed and hope the ride’s not too wild!

      Yes. I removed an expletive. I’m allowed to do that if you’re going to insult my fellow writers. You insult him, or anyone else, you insult me. I take that quite seriously. I didn’t have to approve this post. That’s right. I can approve comments. Be thankful I approved this one…


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