Bicycle Race – Queen

Bicycles. I like them. Lance Armstrong likes them. Freddy Mercury liked them. do you?

Lyrics. Very repetitive in the chorus, repeating the same few words (‘I want to my bicycle’), yet that makes it very memorable. That’s a good thing. As for the meaning? Freddy just loved to ride bikes. It’s as simple as that. I think.

Favourite lyrics? Well, verse 2 fits perfectly into this section, mostly because of how well it works with the feel of the song and the way that Queen sings.

“Say Rolls, I say Royce, Say God, Give me a choice,

Say Lord, Chriiist I, don’t believe in Peter Pan,

Frankenstein or Superman,

All I want to do is,


Simple lyrics. Works well.

Music. There is a variety of instruments in this song, including, unsurprisingly, bicycle bells, used about half way through the song. The music changes from simple backing to heavy backing, to heavy lead and back to simple backing again, just by increasing the effect of the drums and the guitar. True musical talent.

Video? Well, there is one. Well, two. The REAL video was banned in a lot of places, but mostly edited to be more suitable. Why? I hear you ask. Because it featured naked women riding bicycles around Wimbledon Stadium. Admittedly, the edited video is the same, but with psychedelic colours floating around all over the women. It’s a cover-up!

Overall, a great song. Could be better, but they all could.


That Guy

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