C’est La Vie – B*Witched

An Irish girl band, singing a song from 1998, about one girls apparent infatuation with a teenage boy. What kind of songs did they write in those days?

Well, if this is anything to go by, good ones. I’m not one for soppy love song… Honest… But this one is actually quite good. Of course, having been born in ’94, I recognised this song from my childhood. It used to play as I strolled around the Emerald Isle, kicking Leprechauns into pots of gold. Yeah right.  It may be the top o’ the morning for this girl band, but over here, we deal with proper days.

Racial slur or stereotyping aside, this song is actually pretty good. As said, the women are singing about one’s special liking for a young lad. They sing about various things such as how one of the girls apparently looks like her dad, but later on, how she fights like him.  There are also a few double-entendre’s, of which none spring to mind, but if you listen to it, you’ll know what I mean.

The song has some very choice lyrics. My favourite of these are once again, taken from the chorus:

‘Say you will, say you won’t,

Say you’ll do what I don’t,

Say you’re true, say to me,

C’est la Vie…’

Of course, C’est La Vie is a French phrase, meaning ‘Such Is Life’. Very good title for this song. It works well with them theme and overall feel when you hear the song.

The backing music follows the generic 90’s pop song, giving the singers the chance to slowly chant ‘Oh oh’ in the background. This song has one big twist though. River dancing. this HAS to be the only pop song which contains river dancing music as well as the typical pop music. This is an odd accompanier, but in this case, it actually works.

Music Video? It has one. Any good? Well, if you;re interested in seeing a bunch of Irish women jumping up and down in a  field with a dog, terrorising a teenage boy in his tree house, later tying him to the tree, then you’ll love it. if not, then I would avoid watching it. Oh, and there’s a puppy in it too. We all love puppies. Watch it, if not for the rest, then for the puppy. You’ll love it.

Overall score? I’d have to say an 8/10. It just doesn’t feel like it deserves a 9 or 10.

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