Who do you save and how?

Time for another one of our riddles and questions for you all to mull over and think of an answer to. I fabricated this one from something I heard 4 years ago, so good luck finding anything about it on the internet.

You are the leader of a rescue team and have arrived on the scene of a horrific crash between two submarines, each one sinking slowly and losing air. The passengers in each are unable to leave the submarine and float on the water’s surface. If you don’t save the people from the submarine, by cutting a hole for them to climb out of, they will die.

On one submarine there are 40 people, 20 of which happen to be politicians from various countries, including China, Cuba, America and the UK. The other 20 are just ordinary workers.

On the other submarine, everyone is just an ordinary worker, but 20 of them have a history of committing crimes, ranging from petty theft to murder.

The submarines will both sink within 105 minutes (an hour and 45 minutes). It takes an hour to save one group of survivors and either all or none of a group must escape. Another rescue team, under your command, will arrive in an hour and will complete any task you set them. One rescue team has one piece of equipment and cannot split into two sub-teams. The two rescue teams cannot work together to save the same group of survivors.

The submarines must remain where they are at all times.

Who do you save and how?

If you need any more information, just comment here and I’ll answer it through an edit.

Good Luck!

That Guy

4 thoughts on “Who do you save and how?

  1. Thinking very laterarly. The submarines crashed into each other so there is a chance they are sinking together and thus a hole at an intersect of the two submarines would save evryone. I belive the point is to save evryone. I dont expect im right as i thought of this awnser in less than 5 minuets but am i close?


    1. I suppose thinking laterally, you’re right. They did crash into each other and a hole would have been made, but lets assume that the survivors are unable to escape by themselves. However, it is possible to save everyone, yes.


  2. Ok, try this one. The first rescue team spend 45 minuets compleating 3/4 of a hole in the first submarine and then move onto the second. When the second team arrives they go to work on the first submarine spending 15 minuets to compeat the job and rescue the first submarine menbers. At this time the first team have already spent 15 minuets on the second submarine so the final 45 is spent finishing that hole, saveing everyone with no time to spare. Closer?


    1. You’re there, only I recommend spending half an hour on the first group of survivors, because then you have 15 minutes left over… Much tidier maths as well…

      Well done though. Your way also works


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