Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part Two)

Harry Potter has pissed me off over the years. The waiting and the predictability and most of all, however I may want to lie about it, the emotional rollercoaster that it has become. Now, I find myself at a loss of how to review it, as I have done for the last few days. I want to write an amazing review, but whatever I write, it won’t do it justice. That said, I hope you enjoy the finale as much as I did.

We’ll start off, as always, with a warp speed synopsis. Hold on tight!

We rejoin where we left off. Voldemort steals Dumbledore’s wand while Harry Ron and Hermione prepare to break into Gringotts to steal a sword, a cup and a dragon. They stole replacement wands last film. THEIVES! They find out that the last horcrux (containing Voldemort’s soul) is hidden at Hogwarts, so teleport there, taking a detour through a secret tunnel leading to the Room of Requirement, where Dumbledores Army leads its own Guerilla style fight against the Hogwarts administration, which is led by Snape.

Stuff happens, leading to Voldemort being alerted, Snape flying off to meet him and everyone except Harry and Luna preparing for a huge battle against Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Funky stuff! Harry finds out what the last Horcrux is, works out where to find it and then takes Ron and Hermione, who happen to have destroyed another Horcrux using basilisk teeth in the Chamber of Secrets, to the Room of Requirement, where it was hidden by Voldemort, years before. Bad guys turn up in the of Draco and his lackeys, who cause a massive fire, destroying the Horcrux and killing one of the baddies.

The battle is waging throughout the school, as wizards, witches, giants, midgets and statues all end up fighting. Harry goes to find Voldemort, witnesses Snape’s murder at Voldie’s hands and then watches Snape’s memories to find out that he was a good guy all along – SHOCK! Harry realises that he must die at Voldemorts hands, so that someone else can finish him off. As such, he races off to face Voldie, lets him kill him (after a quick chat with his deceased pals and a small bit of banter with Voldie) and Harry has a post-death experience, where he discusses the situation with Dumbledore. Harry then wakes up, is taken to the castle and reveals that he is still alive. Neville nearly changes sides, but eventually slices Voldemort’s snakes head off, before Harry and Voldemort do their final battle.

After banter, some mild panic a dodgy flight-fight and some pretty cool looking effects, Harry kills Voldemort (MURDERER!). Harry reveals that Dumbledore’s old wand was aligned with him, due to a case of misunderstood wand lore (It’s funny when that happens.) Harry doesn’t want the wand though, so he fixes his old one and snapped Dumbledores. We then see a much older Harry, Ron and Hermione with their children and a spout of chatter involving Harry condoning Snape’s actions and everyone’s happy again. YAY!

Now, I wrote that as quickly as I could and yet, it is extra-ordinarily long. How? It’s only 2 hours long! The plot is, however, the best of the series. We see how everything from the previous films, be it basilisk or wand, are all connected with the final solution, making it a well-rounded story. Lots of deaths in this film as well. Harry dies. Snape dies. Voldemort dies. Lupin dies. Tonks dies. Fred dies. Bellatrix dies. Countless others die. Now really that fair is it? Makes for great action sequences though! I love it!

Musically and cast-ly, I think it’s on a par with the rest of the films. No real change as to who played who or how well they acted. The whole scene with Dumbledore and Harry in Post-Death world was astounding and really shows how great they are as actors. The whole Voldemort vs. Harry scene was another quite well acted sequence. The whole film is well acted.

Special Effects. Now, I’m not one to brag, but I watched this in 3D. I’ve never been a fan of the idea, but this time, I went with the flow. I’m glad I did. Instead of watching debris fly across the screen in a stunning blur of action, I watched debris fly past my head in an even more stunning blur of action. I remember at one point, we see dust and ash flying through the air. I decided to follow a piece of it and ended up looking at the cleavage of the woman next to me. Not just because I’m a bit dodgy, but because the ash looked as though it was that far away from the screen. I don’t mind of course. Makes me feel like part of the action.

Problems with the ending. I have many. It’s all too, what’s the word? Sudden. It ends too quickly. Although the fight-flight scene is dragged out to the perfect length and the whole banter-filled murder of Voldemort really hits the spot, it just ends a bit surprisingly. Harry gets rid of the wand, congratulations and then BOOM! 16 years later. Just like that! You know. Just like that!

Another quick observation. Malfoy. He gets away with all the shitty stuff he’d done in the last few films. How do I know this? He’s in the final scene, as a brief appearance, where he acknowledges Harry, Ron and Hermione on Platform 9 and 3/4. Why has he not been arrested for conspiracy to commit murder? Why has he not been tarred with the Dark Magic brush? Why do I care? Because it’s unrealistic. Sure, I know magic isn’t real (my apologies to Paul Daniels), but just about everything else was actually believable. If I conspired to kill my headteacher and let one of my teachers finish him off for me, I’d be facing 7 years in prison. Not fair!

I think the last few minutes suck. Don’t get me wrong. It fills the need for there to be a soppy ‘we won and now we have kids and all is well’ scene, but seriously? They got the same actors to play the bit where they’re really old? They didn’t make Radcliffe chase the train like Harry does in the book? It just doesn’t really feel, I don’t know… right. You know? I probably shouldn’t be so fussy, but it’s little things like that that can ruin the film for a reviewer like me. I understand that the film must be different from the book, but they changed the whole bloomin’ feel at the end of the film. It’s meant to be a scene where Harry realises that it’s finally over. Everything is finally ok again. Now it’s his kid’s turn to face the nightmare that is Hogwarts, (which is a health and safety nightmare, by the way). Now Harry can put his feet up and work as the Head Auror while his kids deal with the three headed dogs and giant spiders and snake skeletons and other crazy shit like that… What a dad, right?

Final score? Its a great film, despite it’s annoyances. I think I’ll say…


That Guy

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