Header Change (Look Up!)

Ok guys (and girls). We’ve finally decided on a header change. I know it’s come ‘out of the blue’ (hahaha), but we think we’ve really got it this time. We wanted it to be simple and the sky-look really worked with us, but it didn’t really do anything, so we’ve decided we’ll do better if we change it, which we did about 5 minutes ago.

Any comments about it are to be posted below. Please let us know if you like / don’t like it. We won’t mind. Honest. Yes, it’s simple. Yes, it’s been edited in MS Paint. Yes, I made it myself. Yes, I’m going to keep saying yes…

Basically, tell us what you think.

Hoping that ALL of you are well,

That Guy

6 thoughts on “Header Change (Look Up!)

  1. “Us”, “Us”, “We”???
    If I’m brutally honest, which I often am, it works as a basic in your face THIS IS OUR SITE NAME, but lack style and dynamic impact. Especially being black. And the “sky” look is so overused, and says nothing about what we do here.
    Like claudia and ben, i both dont remember the old one, and agree that this is simple and effective, but it just lacks for me personally.

    P.s. ivelost my logins :/


    1. I’m sorry you feel that way about the header. I’ll happily take suggestions for different designs if you have any. As for your logins, I’ll send them via facebook. Safer that way.


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