Halloween Theme

Due to a serious lack of suggestions for Halloween Reviews (we got ONE), we will be introducing a specific theme into this years Halloween. For reasons unknown to myself and my colleagues, the theme this year is Zombies. As such, we will be spamming the blog with as many zombie-themed reviews as possible. Books, films, games, songs (if possible). You think of it, we’ll do it.

Obviously, some of the more popular things to be reviewed that fit this criteria, may not actually be reviewed.  For this, I sincerely apologise and suggest that you send it as a request, so that we can have it reviewed as soon as possible.

Other than that, I suggest that you all keep on reading our reviews, commenting where possible and above all, having a laugh. It’s half-term. ENJOY IT!

Live Long and Woop!

That Guy

2 thoughts on “Halloween Theme

    1. That was one of my back-up reviews you… mind-reader! I’m actually about to post it AS WE CONVERSE! What are the chances?


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