Jaws 4: The Revenge (1987)

Well I’m continuing my reviewing of the Jaws series and now we come to the final installment (THANK GOD). This is Jaws the Revenge!

The film centres around whats left of the Brody family, mainly Ellen Brody (Lorraine Gary) wife of the late Chief (oh we’ll get to him later…) and her sons Shaun (Mitchel Anderson) and Micheal (Lance Guest). After the shark returns from the dead (We’ll get to THAT later as well…) it kills Shaun and follows the Brodys all the way to the Bahamas (YES WE’LL GET TO THAT LATER AS WELL!!). The Brody’s must fight for survival as the shark seeks it’s revenge.

This movie is pretty awful. The acting is mediocre and the characters forgettable, apart from one exception in the form of Micheal Caine as Hoggie and his success can be attributed to one line “oh sh*t” (bear in mind the context of the situation is very important he’s being attacked by the shark at the time). Another thing that really annoys me is the fact that Roy Schneider isn’t in this one, and to add insult to injury they actually go as far as to kill him off because of (get this) fear. That is just insulting to the character. If you’ve ever seen the original Jaws you will know that Brody was increasingly badass towards the final moments of the film. HE FOUGHT A F*CKING SHARK FOR GOD’S SAKE. Besides even then would it really take that long for the fear to kick in? I mean it’s been 20 years, give or take. The shark effects are better, just, than Jaws 3 but there still pretty bad. The biggest problem with this film though is far and away the plot. The fact that a shark, who has been killed MULTIPLE TIMES could seek revenge is ridiculous in itself but to thing that it travelled from Amity all the way to the Bahamas??? That’s jumping the shark (If you’ll pardon the pun). But my biggest complaint with this film is the fact that while I can sort of allow the whole revenge thing, and perhaps the fact that it travelled hundreds, possibly thousands of miles , the one thing I cannot accept is that the revenge isn’t so much revenge as it is swim around and do nothing! Seriously, the shark kills two people. Two. It’s revenge should be simple:

1) Find a Brody.
2)Kill said Brody.

It fails. The fact that it takes a whole 2 movies until we eventually get to revenge is just silly and the lack of blood shed makes me angry! In fact the film focuses more on the relationship between Ellen and Hoggie rather than the shark itself which I think would be a sensible move but it isn’t. Why? BECAUSE YOU’VE JUST DONE 2 F!(KING FILMS REVOLVING AROUND BLOODSHED!! IT’S TOO LATE TO DO THE SENSIBLE THING!!!

This is a bad film, I sort of recommend it but only because I’m a sucker for beautiful scenery (Bahamas) although overall I doubt you’ll enjoy it:



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