Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2.  Have you been? Unfortunate really! I was but I’m making the most of it by saving the world, one zombie at a time. Playing this game helps and now, I’m gonna tell you why. Hold on tight and buckle up. With Ellis driving, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

You start the game in one of America’s southern states, heading off towards an extraction point in a shopping centre. You end up escaping in a car with Ellis driving, heading towards New Orleans, where you meet the L4D survivors and team up to lower the same bridge you die raising in game one! You then head off to the fair, to get rescued by a helicopter and crash into a swamp, where you find a boatman that will help you get to the military, after you help him with fuel. You end up getting on a military helicopter JUST as the route to get to it is destroyed. Great timing.

Again, L4D2 is an FPS with zombies (5+ already) and with this fact, comes the arrival of a few new types of zombie. These are:

  • Chargers – They run at you very quickly and pummel you into the ground
  • Jockeys – They ride around on you and take almost full control over the way you move. Very annoying,
  • Spitters – creatures that spray acidic goo at you – quite painful,
  • Witches – Yes. I know there were witches in L4D, but now they don’t sob in the corner, but rather sob whilst ambling around slowly and holding themselves in their arms. A much more undead-feminine act…
So how does this affect the game play? Well, the charger is great at taking down a team member in a few short seconds, whilst the spitter is next to useless unless you cant see it. The jockey just pisses everyone off with his ability to catch you all out…
The game play, in short, isn’t really affected that much. I mean, sure, it’s harder, but that’s only to be expected. You are facing 3 kinds of zombies… Fast, Rare and Special (the rare all seem to be stronger than the fast, but not as dangerous as the special – it includes riot-gear zombies or clown zombies…) so you will have at least some increased difficulty.
The guns – I like the guns… I would normally spout some B.S. about needing to use the shotguns in the Zombie Apocalypse games. More spread = more damage = more blood = more fun! In L4D2 I say grab the Combat Rifle as soon as it becomes available. It’s usually a one hit kill on Normal zombies, sometimes on rare ones and it makes killing the specials just that little bit easier… It even has a scope for picking off your Boomers before they even know they exist…
Graphics? Well, I suggest looking at my L4D review… No real difference as far as I’m concerned…
Do you remember when I reviewed L4D and wrote the words ‘As a stand-alone game, it’s great and as part of the series, it’s all right. What I mean by that, well, you’ll have to wait and see with my sequel’? Here’s where you find out.
L4D had some great campaigns. I know that. you know that. Valve knows that. So does L4D2. The same campaigns! As well as its own levels designed specifically for it, Valve updated L4D2 to include remastered versions of the original levels, with the new zombies in them. It’s a bit like that video on Youtube where someone’s edited Star Wars and made sure that Darth Vader is ALWAYS wearing a pink tutu… Or was that a dodgy dream I had…? They’ve increased the greatness by making the original feel pointless. (In my opinion).
If valve is reading this, I’m probably going to regret it, but don’t buy Left 4 Dead 1. Buy Left 4 Dead 2. It’s twice the game, with the extra game modes thrown in (Realism, Scavenge and Versus (all self-explanatory)). It’s easily 5x the game, for about the same as the original (and to think I got it at Christmas as part of the Valve pack for about a quid a game (25 games – woop!) WHAT A BARGAIN!
I can’t really be bothered to go into character detail – that’s what Wikipedia is for. All I’ll say now is that I heartily recommend buying L4D2. It’s a fun Co-op game, a fun Halloween activity and by God, if you don’t enjoy it, I suspect you’re already half-undead!
P.S. I feel as though I should explain why it’s not a 10/10. One reason and one reason alone. You are in the southern states of America, with a black guy, a black woman, a suit wearing white guy and a Red-neck – there should be racism. I don’t like it any more than you do but BLOODY HELL! The racial tension there must be like the racial tension at KKK meetings…

2 thoughts on “Left 4 Dead 2

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed it. Here I am, as we speak, being told that ‘they’d have forgotten their differences to defeat the zombies’. I was also told that there should at least be a racially motivated joke… DAMN RIGHT!


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