Lego House – Ed Sheeran

Lego House. Just about the only structure I’d build whilst playing with my Lego as a kid. That and cars. I always liked a good car. Who wouldn’t, I mean, it’s like, got four wheels and stuff… Anywho, back to Ed. Lego House, Perfectly built for a lego man, or a Minecraft player…

First impressions? Well, I was surprised. My father saw this late one night recently on one of the music channels that everyone seems to get nowadays and thought he’d send me a link. I was dubious, but as theres usually a way I can gain something from it, I gave it a shot. This chance was met with a familar face. Rupert Grint. Some of you may never had heard of him, but you’ll probably know who he is anyway. Maybe if I said Ron Weasley, or before that, Alan A. Alan… Yep. That’s him. The ginger actor that isn’t Carrot Top…

So I was surprised. Has he changed his name and started a music career? It wouldn’t be the first time that’s happened. I sat there, listening intently and watching as he ran around doing all kinds of musical stuff. SPOILER ALERT! It’s all faked. He isn’t the singer, nor is he the guy that sang the song according to the video. He’s just a VERY obsessive fan, like I am with Emma Watson and why I’m now not allowed within 500 yards of her… Worth it to get that lock of hair… Ahhhh.

So we get to the actual song, which is actually pretty good. The music is reasonably up-beat and it’s sort of catchy. I often find myself libsynching the words ‘I think I love you better now’, before jumping into parts of the chorus… Very catchy. That’s not happened with one I’ve reviewed, since, ooh, Coconut. I knwo for a fact that I’ll probably hate it by the time it’s VERY mainstream, but now, I’m in touch with a part of the public. That makes it good enough for me.

The lyrics then. What do they actually mean? Well, I wasn’t too sure. I expected them to be the singer’s view of himself, but the realisation that it’s actually the fan facing a mental breakdown, but I decided to check, in case I was wrong. In fact, I’m just writing this so that I don’t feel guilty for passing off someone else’s opinion as my own… Honest. Now, I looked at a few sites and none of the ones I looked at actually had any suggested meanings, so I went to wikipedia, just in case. To my misfortune, it was described as having been, wait for it, an obsessive fan going through a mental breakdown. I guess I’m smarter than a I seem…

Now, what can I say about the music that is actually played? Well, if I said that there’s piano and guitar, I’d probably be right, but I genuinely can’t remember. I have heard the song at least ten times and never once have I recalled eharing any specific instrument. However, there is a guitar in the video (which gets smashed) so I have to assume there’s one of those in it.

Now, as usual, my favourite lyrics.

‘I’m outta touch, I’m outta love,
I’ll pick you up when you’re getting down,
And of all these things I’ve done, I think I love you better now.’

Oooh. A bit of a love theme going on here? Between Rupert Grint and Ed Sheeran? Sounds a bit gay, right? THEN GROW UP! It’s not like one of them’s the Pope… Then we’d all be in the shit! Seriously though, it’s more of an unconditional love going on, like between family, but a bit more, love-like. Do you get me? That’s good, because I don’t.

How can I end this swiftly but concisely? Well, I reccommend that you watch the video and listen to it, not only because I like it, but because it’s currently 6th in the charts. I think, so far, that it’s better than the rest, but only time will tell. As for my score, got to be an 8/10. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely one of those things that just jumps out at you and makes an impact, even if it is just because it explains where Ron went when He  he left Harry and Hermione in the forest…


That Guy

P.S. Just as a little reminder, I don’t really have a lock of Emma Watson’s hair, nor a restraining order so that I can’t be within 500 yards of her. That was a joke. A bit dodgy and I was unsure whether to write it or not, but James laughed and as such, I kept it in. James says ‘Hi’ and that he hopes you have a nice afternoon.

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