Yep. You guessed it. Another review from which, this time, was written by me during my time with them. I hold true to this review, even after having played MUCH better games, of much better quality and MUCH BETTER… Well, there’s nothing else, but you get the point.

Freelancer has a great look. The space scenery is spectacular, the animation awesome and the battles brilliant. The learning curve is moderate, which allows people to get into the tough stuff quickly, whilst hopefully allowing them to have some chance of getting used to the game.

The storyline is linear, with a non-linear mode. If you don’t feel like doing a mission yet, you don’t have to, the only exception being mission one, which starts as soon as you begin to load the game.

The battles are easy, yet quite difficult at the same time. the easy part is killing your opponent, whilst the tough part is doing it before his friends kill you. It’s vaguely reminds me of that bit during The Battle of Yavin, where Luke has a Tie-Fighter chasing him and he gets Wedge and Biggs to come and save him. Whilst playing, imagine you’re Luke, being chased by the Tie-Fighters, whilst also playing Biggs and Wedge, saving all the other Luke’s out there.

The Hostile AI are actually quite intelligent. Maybe not as smart as they could have been, but still smart enough to know to dodge your fire (unless you are directly behind them, which seems to be their blind-spot).

The animations have minor flaws. For example, the people look a bit awkward sometimes, with the male voices (all one real person from what I have read) being a bit repetitive. The animations are also quite long-winded, which annoyed me. It’s an action game with massive gaps in the action. Docking can take a long time too. If you do the smart thing and dock as soon as it allows, you’ll find that you’re either too far away, or that you’ll spend a minute getting in a perfect line with the thing you’re docking with.

The transition between zones is brilliant, the “jump-gates” are a genius idea, with a cool worm-hole effect whilst using them. However, the transition between plot parts is ridiculous. You need to increase your “net-worth” to proceed. This ‘net-worth’ is basically you ship cost, plus equipment, plus cargo, plus money. This could be as simple as selling a few things or doing a few missions, but it is ridiculously boring. The missions that you are required to do to increase your worth by about as much as Boris Johnson’s’ haircut changes his intellect. Overall the missions range from killing one guy plus his minions, to destroying his cargo, to taking him into custody.  Sometimes you have to help blow up a base, but you’re pretty much a space-mercenary for hire. Scratch that! Your first ship looks a bit like Slave One, so, you’re Boba Fett, hunting down criminals and taking on undercover rogue agents trying to take over the galaxy. Heads up. If you don’t like spoilers, don’t read the last half of this paragraph.

Overall, you probably think that I hate this game, but despite its obvious issues, it is still a great game. It’s far from perfect. but its good bits outweigh the bad by miles.


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