Mole Control

The last review got a bit lonely, so I decided for one of its friends, also from Great PC Games (by their head writer) to come and join it. Credit to them. This particular review is short, but accurate. Enjoy.

First appearances tell you that this is just another minesweeper clone. Why bother to buy one when Windows comes with one anyway? Well, like so many times before, first appearances prove to be wrong.

Mole Control is so much more. The storyline and power-ups are pretty cool. I rather like the explosive moles myself. They are especially useful if you get one of those squares that have a number 3 or higher in, because they can be a pain to clear without it. If only the freebies had that. But of course they don’t! That would be useful. That seems to be the byword of this game. They have looked at the old familiar game, found pretty much every fault it had along with a few I hadn’t spotted until they pointed it out, and found a way to make it a strength.

Everyone here at Great PC Games Central really enjoyed this. The user profile option gave it a competitive edge that is lacking in every other version we have tried to date, which just made the excellent superb.

10 / 10

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