The last two got lonely, so I decided another friend could come and visit. Isn’t that nice of me? Here’s ANOTHER review from Great PC Games (by their head writer) for you to sink your teeth into…

Awesome. Really, it is stunning. This is unique in so many ways that I just could not stop playing it until the end. You have no limit on lives, which helps a lot. The environment is maybe a little drab, but who cares. You don’t need realistic sunsets and rain forests when you have a gun that can open portals.

It all starts out so well, with you in a small room. You are introduced to the ideas behind the game at a pleasing pace and learn everything you need to know without any real stress. Then you find yourself in ever increasing danger. Toxic sludge on the floor, stationary sentry robots that just don’t seem to like you very much and a robo-computer not necessarily being completely honest with you.

Your weapons are pretty cool. A pair of leg springs that mean you can fall as far as you like. A gun that shoots portal entrances/exits and your wits. The puzzles are easy enough to solve, if not to execute, and that made me bounce in the wrong direction more than once, but persistence and self belief are wonderful things and with both firmly strapped to your thigh you should get to the end eventually.

The game autosaves, which is really helpful. You can’t name the saves, but that just encouraged me to finish it before I let any of the team to play.

My fave bit is the catapult. You put a couple of portals down and drop into 1 from a great hight. Because you keep your momentum, if you get it right you just keep going higher and higher until you smash into the roof! That is not just for fun either as you need the principle to complete some of the puzzles.

If you want a game that will make you think, and then laugh at your own stupidity, then your innovation, and then yourself because you are laughing at yourself, then this is for you.

10 / 10

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