Thunderball (1965)

Well I can’t really think of anything funny or interesting to say at this point so…here’s Thunderball…woop.

The movie revolves around the theft of two nuclear bombs by the criminal organisation SPECTRE (yeah there back) in an operation led by Emilio ‘I have an eyepatch and am therefore obviously a villain’ Largo (Adolfo Celi) with the assistance of Femme Fatale Fiona Volpe (Played by Luciana Paluzzi). Bond must stop him whilst simultaneously wooing Largo’s mistress Domino (played by Claudine Auger).

I’m gonna come out and say it, up to this point in my reviews this is the Bond film I liked the least, not hat I hated it, but the others are better. I like the plot and the return of SPECTRE was nice but perhaps they should have waited a while before they went and brought them back, after all look at Goldfinger. nevertheless the way they build up tension with Blofeld is once again impressive. The acting is good but the characters are not as memorable before. Domino, whilst attractive, is only slightly memorable because she kills Largo. Other than that she doesn’t stand out. Largo is more memorable because of the design of the character but the biggest shame comes with Fiona Volpe. They should have done so much more with this character especially with the whole Femme Fatale aspect of her personality which they only really began to do in later films. The locations are beautiful, the acting is good, it’s nice to see a shark pool in the villain’s lair and the quips are witty, including the legendary “I think he got the point”. The song is alright. I like Tom Jones and he has a wonderfully deep voice but although the song is ok, it pales in comparison to Goldfinger and the tune itself isn’t hat catchy.

A decent film, defiantly not without its faults but watchable



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