Another review from Great PC Games (check them out). This one was written by myself, as one of my first game reviews. Everything in it is true and accurate, even to this day.

Ok. I have a thing for First Person Shooters already, so when I tried this game, my expectations were high.

First of all, the graphics. The game is in a comic book style, so don’t expect to get movie quality graphics. However, do expect to get an awesome game with near spotless presentation. The sounds are great, with realistic gun noises (reloading and shooting), while the storyline is innovative with so suitable comparison in its’ genre.

The characters are good with the typical conversations you would hear if they were real guards. This sounds tedious of me to mention but, one, I would talk to my fellow guards instead of wandering around as aimlessly as “Jedward” at a self organised fan club party with an attendance of two! Nothing annoys me more than to see the guards in games and movies just standing there like pillocks. We also get a developed look at most of the important NPC’s as you progress the game.

The game also has a plot recap section in the main menu, so you can catch-up on what you did last time you played. This is displayed with a comic layout. This is helpful as it may help you remember something which you have forgotten, but need to know, whilst it also gives you a few images further than where you last played. This could be a bug, but I think it helps to know what sort of challenges to expect. The actual gameplay is awesome, with a reasonable physics engine, with close-ups on some of the long distance kills (especially with throwing knives).

However, there are some downsides. in my opinion, a true FPS should not have too many stealth missions. Guess what? There’s quite a few of them in this game. One or two are OK, but then you get some defending missions as well, which means your killing ability is compromised by some idiot whose programming wasn’t completed. I’m also disappointed by the lack of people who play this online anymore. I’ve checked repeatedly for the last two weeks and I’ve never been able to play against someone. I probably shouldn’t be surprised, what with the game being made in 2003, but it would be nice to play against someone who can learn and get better at the same rate that I do.

Overall, I loved this game. if we get a couple hundred people playing online this would be the heaven of all comic-style first person shooters.


*EDIT* – There is also a mini-series and TV series ┬ácalled ‘XIII – The Conspiracy’, with all (including the game) based on the original comic book series.

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