Diamonds are Forever (1971)

A kiss on the hand can be quite continental but Diamonds are a girls best friend. Yes, that’s the subject of our next Bond film. Diamonds. Now I know I said I didn’t like Lazenby in the last movie but, given time, I think I’ll get used to him. He may not be as good as Connery but I’m sure he can make the character his own….wait….Connerys back…oh…well I guess we’ll never know whether Lazenby would’ve gotten better….WELL WHO CARES BECAUSE SEANS BACK!!!!!!!

The film’s plot is simple Bond must stop Blofeld (played by Charles Gray) from using a diamond powered laser satellite from destroying the world’s major cities. On the way he must face Mr Wint and Mr Kidd (played by Putter Smith and Bruce Glover respectfully). Bond uses this opportunity to seek revenge for the murder of his 2 minute bride, Tracey whilst wooing Tiffany Case (played by Jill St John).

This a welcome return to form for the franchise and this is down to the return of Connery as Bond. Lazenby’s idiot of an agent advised him to drop the role nd so the producers had to quickly find a replacement. Micheal Gambon said no so they went back to Connery until a different man could be found. It is nice to see him again. Furthermore I like the idea of Bond seeking revenge which links things in nicely to he previous film. and it emphasises the character’s love and devotion to Tracey. Charles Gray is exquisite as Blofeld, possibly my favorite actor to have played him. He has the charm of Salavas but the madness of Pleasence and I think that’s a good compromise. The plot is a little extravagant and implausible but that’s what makes the Bond films what they are. The silliness of it. It pushes the boundaries a little but it still works and I honestly think that that’s one of the best things about the films. The acting is good, as always, and Jill St John is a good Bond girl, not that she matches Bond but I still think she’s memorable for being a bit of a ditz. Wint and Kidd are very memorable henchman, mainly because they’re gay. We see them holding hands and when Wint is looking at Tiffany, Kidd gets jealous. It makes them creepy because they look strange and now we have the image of the two of them…together. The action is nice and I love the shots of Vegas. The opening to the film is fantastic, I love the way Bond goes from one person to another trying to find Blofeld. We don’t see his face until later on and it is satisfying to see Blofeld finally die, although this isn’t entirely the case. Finally Shirley Bassey returns to sing the theme and I think now is the time to mention the late, great John Barry who composed many of the songs. Diamonds are Forever is certainly one of the finest Bond songs out there.

A fantastic film and a must watch for any Bond fan. A welcome return to form after Lazenby.



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