Moonraker (1979)

In 1977 a film came out that changed the face of cinema forever. It left its impact on everything especially producers. This film was Star Wars which is evident in one film especially. Moonraker. It’s a film that takes a plot from The Spy who Loved me, uses techniques from Star Wars and even recycles characters. So shall we start?

The plot is simple. Bond must investigate the theft of a Moonraker rocket by Hugo Drax (Played by Micheal Longsdale) who plans to use a deadly chemical gas to eradicate humanity and then rebuild and repopulate with a master race *insert Hitler joke here*. With Drax is his bodyguard, Chang (played by Toshira Suga) and later Jaws returns (played by Richard Kiel). Along the way Bond tries his hand at wooing the beautiful CIA agent, Dr Holly Goodhead, well at least it’s not Pussy Galore… (played by Lois Chiles).

I’m torn about this film. On the one hand the acting is great from most of the cast apart from Lois Chiles who is actually really bland. That said this is a Bond film and intense character development isn’t really nessarcry…Besides she’s attractive enough. The casting is great and Micheal Longsdale really does a good job playing an emotionless Nazi esque Bond villain. It’s really nice to see Richard Kiel again but it seems like the writers are trying to make him into some sort of comedy character instead of a menacing, hardened, unstoppable killer. The sets are good, especially the space station, and whilst the plot is recycled to a degree I still think it works. As for the Star Wars rip off aspect, well, I think it works. At the time it would’ve been obvious, The Spy Who Loved me Ended by Saying that James Bond would return in For Your Eyes only…He did not…Instead the producers hastily threw out Moonraker. The special effects in this film are pretty good for the time and they did receive a good review from most critics. Finally I like the song, It’s Bassey’s third song and while it’s certainly not as good as the other two, it still has many good things about it.

 I am torn about this film. frankly I think the rating I’m giving it is fair for what it is.



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