Labrinth – Earthquake (ft Tinie Tempah)

He we are with Seismic Shifts and Mini Tantrum, as they sing about Impossible Maze. Yes, they are jokes. Yes, this is another negative review. yes, you can skip to the end if you want. Here’s the WHOLE thing.

So, we’re singing about Labrinths, with Earthquake. Well, it seems we’re talking about Earthquakes by Labrinth. Oooh. We can make an earthquake, that feels like a 10 on the Richter scale, eh? I didn’t realise I fell out of bed again! I really should be more careful.

I’m going to sum up this song in one paragraph. We can make an earthquake – oh – oh – we can make an earthquake – Richtor 10 – oh oh oh… etc.

Guess what. A Mini. MORE PRODUCT PLACEMENT! Woop.

I’m knackered you know. As in tired. I’m tired. Tired of this weeks ‘best’. It all sucks. This is no exception… oooh. Rubble and dust. Great.

I’ll be honest with you. I liked the Buckingham Palace bit. It caught me out… I like it.

I actually think they put more effort into trying to make the video visuals look great, than they did the actual song. How do I know? The video sucks.

I don’t have to screw around with you guys. Just listen to the song and I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s not worth the 3:57 it takes to be so disappointed by it.

0/10 (because I gave up hope on being positive about 6 minutes ago…)

That Guy

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