With Ur Love – Cher Lloyd (ft. Mike Posner)

Another ‘current top 10’ review. This is the first chance I’ve had to get this done this week. It’s been a hectic one here… Here’s what I thought about this particular song.

Cher Lloyd has never really appealed to me… Not since I mistook for her Cheryl Cole… (I assumed the latter had changed her name). Well, If I’m genuinely honest? Cher still doesn’t appeal to me. Sure, she can ‘sing’. By  which I mean, she can’t sing. The start, which she did, is COMPLETELY out of tune and she’s just saying random strings of words, that I can’t quite understand, all preceding ‘Your Love’ (the correct spelling of ‘your’, by the way.)

No-one, that has ever wanted to do well from a song, has started with the lyrics, dadadadadumdum-dadumdum. Do you know why? Because it doesn’t sell. It makes you sound stupid, immature and like you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s true.

Now, as you know, I’m a very biased listener and you know what? I don’t care anymore. Music like this is what makes people miss the 60’s and try to re-enact it with drugs, leading to accidental skull-shrapnel-brain-problems… That’s why I, due to my fondness for my brain, usually refuse to listen to modern music. There are exceptions, as you saw last week, but generally speaking, it all sucks! this is no exception. I’m a subscriber to multi-verse theory, thinking that there is an infinite number of universes, so that in one of these, something that isn’t possible, or correct, in this reality, is common place in an infinite number of realities. I don’t think that there is ANY reality where this could be considered good. You don’t know how hard it was to say that word in this review, in reference to this song… Good? No frickin’ way is it good!

Another thing about this song, is that the music follows the dadadadadumdum-dadumdum beat as well, so even when the annoying bitch isn’t singing it herself, it’s still pounding itself against your skull, begging to be with the cool kids, much like myself and parties as a youngster!

I don’t want to sully our reputation by saying much more about this,so I’ll cut it short by saying there is ONE more bad thing about this song. It’s popular. ‘But surely that means it’s good?’ NO! It means we’re going to have to suffer through about 4 months of people listening to it on the radio, on TV, maybe even in films. Well, I say we put an end to this madness and kill it. KILL IT NOW. KILL IT WITH FIRE!

1/10 (because I don’t like giving 0’s)

That Guy

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