For Your Eyes Only (1981)

Now, I’m a little stuck with this film. It’s one of the more obscure Bond films, one that I don’t watch as much. Nevertheless I have no choice. Lets have a gander at For Your Eyes Only.

The plot revolves around Bond going to Greece (YAY!) to investigate the theft of the ATAC device, something stolen from the boat of a friend of M who was killed by a henchman of Greek Smuggler Aristotle Kristatos (Played by Julian Glover). Kristatos hopes to sell the ATAC device to the KGB. On the way to recover the device Bond meets Melina Havelock (Played by Carole Bouquet), the daughter of the murdered ATAC owners who is seeking revenge. Oh and of course he has his hand at wooing her…

This is a welcome return to form after Moonraker’s…silliness…This is a film that looks closely at revenge. That’s a pretty serious theme and one that is dealt with really well, giving me one of my favourite Bond quotes (actually a Chinese proverb) “When seeking revenge be prepared to dig two graves”. Now, great as this quote is it does raise some questions. For example, Bond took revenge, or tried to take revenge, in Diamonds are Forever. Maybe this is intentional, maybe Bond knows first hand what revenge does to a person. That’s a nice point that the writers added and I like it, although they really could have taken it further at the end, sort of like they did in Quantum of Solace. In fact all three m,ain protagonists are seeking revenge at some point in the film. Melina has already ben mentioned, Bond ‘kills’ Blofeld at the beginning of the film and Milos is seeking revenge against Kristatos for betraying him at some point. Roger Moore is great in this film and it’s nice to see another Bond girl who can stand up for herself like Melina can. The villain is decent and I like the fact that Bond has no idea who is the actually antagonist until he is kidnapped by the other candidate. I also like the rivalry between Kristatos and Milos Colombo (played by Chaim Topol), and it’s good to see someone other than Bond kill the villain, this ties in very nicely with the theme of revenge. The scenery of Greece is fantastic and I like the finale on th cliff top. The skiing scenes in the Alps are great and I like Bibi, the skier who is sponsored by Kistatos and then later turned down (possibly a first) by Bond. Her trainer is a bit of a bull-busting bitch but she seems sweeter in the finale when she helps Bond and co. It’s lovely to see the Lotus again, albeit only briefly, but it’s untimely death leads to quite an entertaining chase scene. Time for some trivia I think. One of the women in the pool scene where Melina kills the hitman who killed her parents, was actually a transvestite…Just thought you’d wanna know. The action is good and once again we see th cliché of the tall, powerful bodyguard/assassin. In this case it comes in the form of Erich Kreiger who blends in with his fellow stereotypical killers, a shame because he is actually pretty awesome. I like Emile Loque as well but once again he doesn’t stand out enough as a character. Finally the theme is brilliant. Shirley Easton’s For Your Eyes only is  very good song and I enjoy it very much, perhaps one of my favourites.

A decent Bond film, perhaps it doesn’t stand out enough but if you watch it you will almost certainly enjoy it.



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