Goldeneye (1995)

I’ve noticed something of a trend in the first Bond films of each new actor. I mean seriously, other than Connery every actor’s first Bond film has been mediocre at best. With that said, perhaps the trend can be broken. Well lets see because it’s been 6 years and the franchise has returned and with a new Bond in hand. Ladies and gentlemen say hello to Pierce Brosnan.

The film revolves around Bond investigating the theft of the Goldeneye satellite key which has the capacity to launch an emp pulse, capable of doing a great deal of damage. The trail leads Bond to the menacing Janus/006 (played by Sean ‘Major Sharpe’ Bean) who, along with General Ourumov (played by Gottfried John) Femme Fatale mercenary Xenia Onatopp (played by Famke Janssen) and computer hacker Boris Grishenko (played by Alan ‘must have had a horrible childhood’ Cummings). Along the way Bond woos computer programmer Natalya Simonova  (played by Izabella Scorupco).

Where do I begin. This movie is perfect but i’ll tell you how much I love it later let me tell you why I love it. Firstly we have a theme. The Cold War is over and throughout the film Bond’s usefulness and necessity is being questioned. We have a new M, a woman which symbolises the changes taking place. Secondly Brosnan is brilliant. Is he as good as Dalton no, I don’t think so but then again it is very difficult to compare the two. Nevertheless I still think he’s great. Thirdly the rest of the casting and acting is great and the characters are wonderful. Remember how I keep going on about these movies coming up with the perfect Femme Fatale? Well they finally did it. Xenia Onatopp is perfect and you can see Famke is having a lot of fun playing her. The insanity or bloodlust is divine and my favourite scene comes about when Xenia and Ourumov are in the Russian space centre place (?) and Xenia is gunning people down and ORGASIMING because of it. Ourumov looks at her in frightened awe/disgust. It really defines the character, a woman who gets off on murder. Ourumov is alright, a tad forgettable but the acting is good. Boris is funny and memorable but the best part of this film is the main villain. Alec Trevelyan is like Scaramanga in a way. They are alike, more so than Scaramanga and Bond, hell they were friends. Once again revenge plays a part and Trevell….ok I’m calling him Janus because that’s easier to spell…Janus is seeking to avenge his parents deaths and towards the beginning, after Janus has faked his death, M chides Bond for being motivated by revenge. I suppose the revenge aspect is also symbolic of change. Bond’s closest friend has turned. The comparison between the two is obvious, at one point Janus even says that he considered asking Hond to help him but he knew he wouldn’t. They are two sides of the same coin. The action is great, especially the finale. Natalya is attractive, even if she does remind me of Mrs Holmes, my old Geography teacher…Finally the theme is perfect. Goldeneye is one of the best Bond songs and Tina Turner’s voice is pretty damn mind-blowing. I do think that some of the score is pretty bad. They switched composers half way through but if you look at the car chase at the beginning, the ,music kinda sounds like something from Tetris. Other than that I think the film is pretty perfect.

A perfect film, a brilliant way to ‘resurrect’ the franchise. I love this film.



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