The World is Not Enough (1999)

Say, what do the plots of Goldfinger, Zorin and the villians from this film have in common? They all want to damage their respective markets so their own reserves of said thing will increase in value. Goldfinger had gold, Zorin had microchips and in this film the emphasis is on…oil. This is the World is Not Enough.

The film revolves around Bond investigating the assasination of oil tycoon (and M’s…’old friend’) Robert King. The hunt leads to terrorist Renard (Robert Carlise) and eventually leads Bond into a plot by Elektra King (played by Sophie Marceau) to destroy a rival pipeline, forcing goverments to rely on her own pipeline, making her millions. One the way Bond teams up with, and woos, nuclear phycisist Dr Christmas Jones (Played by Denise Richards).

What do I think of this film? Well lets see, Brosnan is great but Richards can be a tad bland. The character itself is pretty forgetable and possibly would have fallen into obscurity were she not played by Denise Richards, who was a pretty big name at this point. The villians are actually quite good and it’s nice to see a relationship again after Tomorrow Nevwer dies but I think I prefer this relationship to that of the Carver’s for several reasons. Firstly Renard and Elektra are actually in love, we never saw this with the Carvers. Secondly, Elektra and Renard are both pretty equal, in fact Elektra is the more intelligent of the two and possibly in charge. This is a good couple and is probably better than the Carver’s in this respect, even if Renard doesn’t hold a candle to Elliot Carver. Speaking of which, the villians. Renard is pretty awesome. The whole unable to feel pain thing and only having a certain amount of time to live is done really well. Elektra is not only one of the most memorable villains in the series but she’s also one of the best characters. There are times throughout the film where you almost feel sorry for her. You can see why, under the circumstances, she would want to murder her father, you can see why she would be close to Renard; make no bones about it, Elekra King may be immensely intelligent but she’s arguably the most tragic character, aside from Bond, in the entire franchise. Regardless, it’s wonderful to see a good, main female villain after 40 something years.The action is alright and to be honest I do like the plot, even if it is a bit of a rehash of Goldfinger and View to a Kill. The boat chase at the begginning is great and it helps to make the opening scenes some of the most memorable in the series. It’s sad to see Q go but R (played by John Cleese) is still really funny. Nevertheless Desmond’s footsteps will be difficult to fill. The finale is great and gives a lot of good action. The song is brilliant. The world is not enough is certainly one of my favourite Bond songs and it is awesome. As you can see, I’m pretty torn about all this. There is however, one way of choosing whether this is a good film or a bad film. There is a line, right at the end. Bond and Christmas are getting their mac on when Bond says this one line that really damages everything. “I thought Christmas only comes once a year”…What the hell…That’s far from sophisticated, like most if the other Bond puns. This one joke drags everything down a bit, plus Brosnan and Richardson look really different regarding age which is a little…disturbing…

A brilliant film. wonderfully tragic villain, great secondary villain, Brosnan is still going strong,outstanding theme song but really bad Bond girl. Defiantly worth another watch.



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