Video Reviews

It’s almost exactly what it says on the tin…

I made a video about this, so, basically, either follow this link:

or watch the video here, if the embedding thing actually works…

That Guy

PS. It’s a shitty video  – I know, but it’s my first EVER Youtube video, so please, for the love of all that is good, bear with me on this…

12 thoughts on “Video Reviews

      1. No!! I really didn’t mean to offend you. I’m sorry! It’s just that I do Youtube videos all the time and you can tell your new to this. Once again no offence intended. I’m a regular reader and I would hate to think I accidently insulted you lol


      2. Nah, I’m not offended. This was my first EVER Youtube video, so I’m VERY new to it. Don’t worry about offending me, anyway. Benny always does and we get along just fine. I’m glad that you’re a frequent reader and I hope that we, as a unit, help to maintain what you must obviously believe are good reviews. If you ever want to chat, you have our e-mail and I’m debating whether or not to create a ‘That Guy’ Skype account… We’re always happy to be in contact with our readers, especially those that like banter… You do like banter, right?


  1. Hey! I never said I liked the reviews. lol. I do have some suggestions though, mainly for Benny. Having read his Tragedy and his Odyssey essay, I think it would be nice if he reviewed major Greek tragedies and the epic poems like the Odyssey and the Divine Comedy. I think only he should do that because he seems like the sort of guy who would. Read this however you want but could you maybe pass that onto him. Maybe you could do a Star Trek review because you seemed to like doing your Star Wars reviews. Also, yes, I do like banter 🙂


    1. You never said it, but I bet you do… They’re all great suggestions and Benny did in fact ask me what he should review next, so you having suggested something really takes the pressure off of me. You’re right though. I’m not an ‘Epic Poem’s kind of guy, unless you include the 17 page long poem I wrote about the sun when I was in Year 6 (I don’t count that). I was actually planning on doing the entire Star Trek Film Series, as well as reviews for each of the TV series as well. I wasn’t sure when I’d get round to starting it, but the minute I do, I’ll make sure you know. I like that you like banter. It means that when I’m done, you’l be banter fodder… (IF you didn’t get that joke, don’t worry…) 😛


  2. Poo. Oh well. lol. BTW Could you let me in on a little secret? What’s Benny’s Bond list? 😛 Just a little curious. Me and this friend have a bet on what it’s gonna be.


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