What The Hell Is Going On?

I know that this is a review blog, but I can’t help but wonder what the hell is going on lately and since more people voted for our essay style reviews to carry on, I’m going to make a rant section. Besides, it’s my blog. I started it. I can rant if I want to…

Today, just like every other day this month, is just one of those days. One of those days where whatever happens, it feels crappy. I’m sure you know what I mean. Do you ever just wake up and think ‘today’s going to be shit’?

You know what I miss? The days when I could sit down at my computer, carefree and trouble-less, playing games all day, every day. Now? Not now. I’ve got college. I’ve got That Guy That Reviews Stuff (which I don’t mind). I’ve got friends that I enjoy hanging round with, but seem to be drifting away from me. I’ve been made editor of the college newspaper. Here I am, being over-whelmed by the crap that’s going on around me. Gimme a break guys! All of you! Gimme a fuckin’ break!

Don’t get me wrong. I can cope with what I have, but that doesn’t me you can expect me to do everything you ask. No, not you, reading this. You never ask for anything. I like that. It means that you’re either happy, or that you just don’t care. That makes our jobs so much easier. I refer to those who insist upon pestering me, day in, day out, without any apparent need. Like, for example, people who pester me because I don’t have credit. So what? if I don’t have credit, it’s probably because I either need a bit of privacy and I can ignore your calls / texts, or because I can’t be arsed to talk to you! Get over yourself.

All I want, is to be nice and happy, curled up in a duvet, killing random aliens, or zombies, or nazis, or whatever the hell it is people kill in FPS games. They were the good days. I liked those days. The days when I used to sit there on my double bed and just listen to music or just play a game. Not any more. All I ever see is people complaining that I don’t talk to them, or that I don’t spend time with them, or the strings of numbers that I use when rating something (or someone… I’ve become increasingly aware that I give EVERYONE I see, a score out of 10. It’s scaring me that I subconsciously think I can do that).

Anywho, I’m sorry to rant. Why not comment below and we’ll see what really ticks you all off. Heck. If people like it, we might make it a regular feature. It’s not a review, per say, but by God does it help me to let out some steam. I mean, here I am, sat in the middle of English (It’s a coursework session) typing about what’s pissed me off lately. You won’t find this kind of dedication to a blog ANYWHERE else on the planet, unless you include this!


Anywho, comment, tell us what pisses you off and we’ll see if we can find a solution. Heck, we’re all friends here!

Let out your steam!
~That Guy~

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