Jessica – The Allman Brothers Band

What’s this? An instrumental? HOW DARE HE SELL OUT HIS BELIEFS ABOUT MUSIC BY DEFACING THIS BLOG WITH AN INSTRUMENTAL? Well, I dare, good Sirs or Madams. I dare a lot. Besides, how can I review that which have not words? Like this!

Jessica is probably more famous for being used for the Top Gear theme (not the original, but a more modern version). Yep. That’s the one.

What can I say? This is one of the few exceptions for full length instrumentals that I like, as it keeps changing its interest levels. You can sort of tune out, but be brought straight back by its ever-changing nature. It’s simple, yet complex. I bet it’s complicated to play, but in a simple way. Does that make sense? Ted is nodding, so yes, it does.

I like the piano riff (Wooo) at about 2:30, as it sound spectacular. Think about how fast his hands must be moving. I mean, holy shit dude. That’s pretty narly! (I’m trying this thing out where I use some lingo that I’ve heard in my short lifetime. My very short lifetime. Heck. I’m only 17 after all…

So, what else can I say? Well, although this is a short review, I implore you to listen to it. It may sound at times as if it’s a stuck vinyl (3:05), but it’s a very good musical piece.


That Guy

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