Quantum Of Solace (2008)

Well here we are. The end of the Bond film reviews. Quantum of Solace…Let’s finish this.

The film revolves around Bond continuing to dig into Vesper’s past with the ‘help’ of Mr White (Played by Jesper Christensen) who is associated with the organisation Quantum, leading him to Dominic Greene (Played by Mathieu Amalric) a  businessman working in reforestation and charity funding for environmental science, who plans to stage a coup d’état in Bolivia, to gain control of a piece of land rich in resources. Greene plans to do this with the help of the Bolivian General Medrano (Played by Joaquín Cosío). On the way Bond must woo Camille (Played by Olga Kurylenko) who is seeking to her families death at the hands of the General. Oh yeah and theres some MI6 agent called Strawberry Fields (Played by Gemma Arterton) who is a total bitch because she rips off Goldfinger…I’ll tell you later…

To be perfectly honest I have only seen this film once, at the cinema, and I can barely remember it..Also I’ve misplaced my DVD copy so I’ll try my best. I like this film more than Casino Royale and there are several reasons for this. I like the acting, once gain I don’t like Craig as much. I like the action, especially in the finale with the burning hotel, and the car chase at the beginning is a great way to start the film. The fight with the double agent is exciting enough, pretty much on par with the African fight scene in Casino Royale.The Bond girl is possibly one of the best things about this film because of one main reason. Bond fails to woo her, either that or he refuses her I can’t remember. Either way this is a nice little aspect of the character and frankly it helps to make the film. The villains are pretty good as well. The General is vile, Mr White is mysterious and Dominic Greene is like some demented combination of Tony Blair and Nicholas Sarcose, which actually comes across really well. I like the whole dropping of Vesper’s necklace thing, which sort of symbolises the end of the story arc (THANK GOD). This brings me nicely onto my biggest point. Although it’s set before Dr No (supposedly) there is far less emphasis on it and that helps a lot. Frankly it takes me back to the Bond codename theory, which says that each new actor that plays Bond is a completely different person. I wish they would just give us something that completely destroys it rather than allowing it to fester. I do thin, however, that special criticism should go to Strawberry Fields for two reasons, first her name is stupid regardless of The Beatles reference but it’s the second point that pisses me off. Her death. They completly rip off the scene in Goldfinger with the girl painted gold. Listen guys I don’t care if this is a homage, get original and think up new ways to kill women!! Err what else..um..The song…Dear God in Heaven do I hate this song…well at least I think I do…to be honest I listened to it once and that’s when I first saw the film, I just assume that I hated it so much that I never chose to listen to it ever again…ever…

Although I can’t remember many points about this film, I have a feeling that it was pretty bad; a terrible Bond in Craig and that horrendous song.The rating does tear me somewhat because the villains are ok but it’s still pretty shit. Definatly a miss



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