We have decided that we will occasionally advertise websites that we feel deserve the chance to be viewed by people in the world. Why? Because if we advertise them, they might appreciate it and we’ll get some free advertising ourselves. Why else? Why not? If I like the site, you will as well.

You might have expected my to start off this new feature with something like, ooh, I don’t know, RedTube. You couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ll start today with Savage Chickens, a website dedicated to a man who draws his own chicken cartoons on post-it notes before posting them on the internet. All are hand-drawn and they are all supposed to be funny. Some hit the mark bang on, but others miss it by miles. It’s all a game of chance. All I ask is that you give him a shot and look at his site.

Give it a go. It’s worth it!

And if the link alone wasn’t worth it, here’s a picture for all of you psychology nerds, like me…

How To Cure Your Arachnophobia, Using Systematic Desensitization
This is an actual psychology method, or at least, it is until week 10... Then it gets a bit loopy...

 We have not had the express permission of Doug Savage, to advertise his site in any way, shape or form. If he complains, he’s a fool. It’s free advertising and as such, more visitors. If anything, we’re doing him a favour…

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