Jeremy Clarkson view on the public sector strikes

Okay, this is not much of a review – Only me trying to understand the other side of the story and gain some of your opinions…

As we know from previous news stories, the BBC loves to blow scenario’s WAY out of proportion just to benefit several thousand people. Back in 2008, Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross were suspended over something which I believed to be quite petty. They had a few complaints which gathered some media attention and from there, the amount of complaints blew into the thousands. Eventually, they were both suspended for a few months.

However, last night, Jeremy Clarkson appeared on The One Show and gave his honest opinion about the public sector strikes which happened the same day. The premise of Clarkson’s argument was:

“How dare they go on strike when they have their gilt-edged pensions that they have guaranteed while the rest of us have to work for a living.”

Now, to an extent, this maybe true. While I was (slightly) listening to Radio One in my car last week, someone phoned up to say that they would give anything to get the same pensions that the current teachers have. However, this is not where the ‘big’ problem started. He also said within the interview that:

“Frankly, I’d have them all shot.”

It gets better…

“I would take them outside and execute them in front of their families.”

Now, be honest, how many of you who read that (or watched the video which will be posted below) did not laugh. When I saw that for the first time I could not help laughing, and I’m sure that the majority of the country would agree.

Currently, the number of complaint that the BBC have received is around the 5000 mark. The possible audience for The One Show, and those (like me) who have watched it online, could be around 60 million – And 5000 have complained. That’s 0.083% of people didn’t like what was said. What do I say to that? Who cares. I can guarantee that 90% of them were public sector workers.

To me, 5000 complaints seems like a petty amount, but I know that 5000 people will disagree to what I’m saying, and I want to know, what was really so bad about what he said? Yes, maybe a bit extreme and theoretical, but it was clearly done for comic effect. One of the thing which annoyed me the most was the shows hosts look on their face, as in, “Oh no! You can’t say that!” Sure he can, it’s an opinion which is the reason he was on the show. In my opinion, the censorship on television is too extreme – But that’s a complete other matter.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that if a company gets complaints, action should be taken, such as a warning or apology. However, even after Clarkson has apologies for what he said, the BBC are still considering sacking him. Just to some up, Clarkson’s gets a salary of around 2 million pounds, suggesting that he makes far more for the BBC, and they are thinking about sacking him because of 0.083% of people, does that seem right?

As I said at the beginning – The BBC has blown this out of proportion. Comments like this is in Clarkson’s personality, it’s why people love (or hate) him. But honestly, I am struggling to see how people are taking this comment seriously and are being offended by it. Please comment and ‘enlighten’ me.

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