Do They Know It’s Christmas? – Band Aid (1984)

I hope they did. I mean, they made a song about it. They made a video about the song. They made a dozen follow-up concerts to emphasise the point, as well as a re-release of the song and video. Would be a shame if they didn’t realise it was Christmas…

I jest of course. They probably knew it was Christmas, but felt as though it wasn’t. That’s understandable, what with all the shit they had to put up with.

Now, before I start to actually review, I want to point out that I promote any form of audio charity event (having taken part in a failed one myself a few years back) and that any negative or offensive comments made are not meant to be taken as an attack on charity workers, the singers involved or the African people who the song was made to try to help, unless otherwise stated.

What can I say about a charity song, that will get me views, whilst also being respective for the subject involved? Not a lot to be honest, so now I have to sacrifice something. Views or respect? Well, the press must sometimes report the unpopular, so here comes an old reviewer’s spiel!

The backing music. Simple. Seriously. It’s simple. It plays on the idea that this singer can play the drums and this one the guitar. Well, guess what! They can, but that doesn’t mean that you should compile the great musicians of the day to write this one song. I mean, Roger Taylor, easily one of the best drummers ever in the history of drumming, could have done the drumming for them, but who do they get? Phil Collins. Another great drummer, but he’s no Keith Moon!

Another thing. Lyrics. I actually like the lyrics but, to be honest, they could be better. I mean, I know it’s meant as a way of spreading information about a travesty, but there are better words they could have used. So, what could they have used? Well, I don’t know. I’m not a lyrics master. I know what I like, not how to write it! Unless you count my brief stint as a lyricist with ‘Love is Like a Rollercoaster’, which just so happened to have been a song a few years back. I heard it on the TV yesterday. I was upset by this…

I’ll be honest. I adore this song. A lot. Some say too much… It has the almost perfect combination of music to sound to voice to crows ratio. It’s one of those that you can split up between a family and sing as a group. Seriously. It is. So long as you’ve got 3 people, you can do it… Just like almost any Queen or Beatles song. Yes. I know that they were 4 person bands, but let’s be honest, you can only ever HEAR 3 people…

So, I like the performers. I like the words. I like the music. I like this song! So why am I still writing about it? To be completely honest, I don’t really know. I’m actually concerned by it, just like most of the things I have seen today (gay penguins for a start)…

Well, now for a score. My apologies to everyone involved, but it isn’t a 10. I like it, but it don’t love it. I like it a sensible amount. As such, it’s a:


That Guy

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