Christmas Holidays

Since it’s almost the Christmas Holidays (I start mine tomorrow, at 4:30PM – YAY!), I have decided to announce the dates during which we will NOT be writing reviews.

Since I will be busy ‘spending time with my family’, I will almost definitely be away from any available computer. I will, hopefully, write a quick a quick post on Christmas Eve, Day and Boxing Day, but there is no guarantee that this will happen as I have planned. I want to, but since I won’t be at home until Boxing Day at the earliest, I might not be able to. Sometimes, shit just happens.

Since all this is happening, I’m suggesting that ALL of the writers here at ‘That Guy That Reviews Stuff’ take a week off, from the 21st – 28th. We might do the occasional review, but I know that my primary focus will be spending time with my family. I highly recommend all of our writers doing the same and I hope that they agree. If not, they’re fired…

I jest of course. I can’t fire them for that. Or can I? Nah. I can’t…

Anywho, I felt compelled to let you all know. Other than that,  I wish you all a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

That Guy

PS. Again, we may still write reviews, but there’s no guarantee…

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