Christmas Lights – Coldplay

I know. I know. I wouldn’t focus on X-Mas… Well, TOUGH! I wanted to review this. It’s been bugging me for weeks now and I’ve just had to do it. As you know, I’m a Coldplay fan (a series on the way?) so I relished the opportunity to listen to them singing what I saw as being their first Christmas song.

This Christmas doesn’t really feel like Christmas. Those of you that know me personally will know that I’m bricking it about those 3 days of festivity. There’s been so much change over the last few months that it just doesn’t feel like Christmas this year. Don’t get me wrong. Festivity will occur, but will it really be the exciting event that it always has been… Maybe I’m just getting old… Nearing 18… But Christmas just doesn’t feel how it should…

Ah well…

So anyway, because this IS a review, here’s what I think about this song. Coldplay rocks. Christmas rocks. Lights rock. Coldplay’s Christmas Lights? They rock!

The music. Now, as is his way, Chris Martin is once again playing piano. Playing it pretty well to be honest. As usual, it sounds right. Not great. Right. It flows well, with the feeling that it’s going with the paces. It’s prominent, but not excessive. It fits in, but packs away nicely.

Ok. Lyrics. As always, Chris sings it alone, before being joined by his fellow band members. This works well and I like it. A lot. I mean, bands are meant to work together and that’s EXACTLY what they do. Christmas Lights is no different to any of their other songs.

The lyrics apply to reality and in all honesty, that’s all anyone really wants. A song they can relate to. That’s why I chose this. It works with the way I’m feeling at the moment, as well as sounding great. Because of this, here’s my favourite lyrics from the song. You might not like them, but tough. Here’s what I’m going with!

‘When you’re still waiting for the snow to fall,
Doesn’t really feel like Christmas at all’

Well, Coldplay, we’ve been snowing here at That Guy since it was advertised as being available, plus, we had a VERY light snowfall at College when we arrived. Still doesn’t feel like Christmas though… Shame… I better find those pictures of the Santa Babes again… That always cheers me up… I wonder who’s been naughty and nice this year… Hmmmm… Must be my birthday…

It’s not, by the way… You’d know if it was my birthday… I’d do an epic shout-out. For those of you who wish to send me a e-card, it’s on the 31st of May… I know. Ages away. I’m still getting old though…

Back to the matter at hand, I like this song. Call me sentimental, but it sounds good. I like it. It tackles the issue of dispute, snow, misery and let’s be honest, in the middle of an economic nightmare, who isn’t feeling the pressure this year?

Well, because once again I feel as though I’ve failed at writing a decent review, I’m going to wrap it up now. What do I think? Well, we all know what it is don’t we. It should be heard more often, but it’s not their best song…


That Guy

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