New Theme = Contest!

Yes. You read correctly. There will be a new review theme (for me only), which will in itself, be a contest.

‘How?’ I hear you ask… Well, my new theme has 40+ parts to it, as well as a conclusion review to sumarise it ALL. This, as you can imagine, will take a lot of writing time, reading time and most of all, effort on my part. Since you get the easy job, I thought I’d give you a contest to fight over.

Over the course of the series, I would like you all to think about what the link between the reviews is. It could be anything. Absolutely anything. Everyone who tells me what the theme is, will be included in a special shout-out, as well as being given a special, That Guy That Reviews Stuff Easter E-Card. I know. It’s not a great prize, but since I’m not getting paid to do this, I’m not going to complain.

So, get ready for the longest contest you will probably ever experience. Remember, EVERYONE who gets the correct answer will ‘win’, so it’s worth giving it a good old guess, just in case.

Good luck!

That Guy

PS. The first review will be written and posted tomorrow.

EDIT! – I realised about 5 minutes ago that I posted this yesterday, rather than today. The first post will occur on SUNDAY, not SATURDAY as advertised.

6 thoughts on “New Theme = Contest!

    1. Privately message me about what it is. As a member of the team anyway, it would be pointless you entering as you’ll already GET an Easter e-card from me…


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