Don’t Stop Believing – Journey

Ok – time for part one of my 40+ part series… I said I’d start today and here I am… Starting… Just an FYI, the order is deliberate and will not change. I have started with this song for a reason and the next 40 odd songs will all be part of this contest series. So, lets begin shall we?

OMG. It’s so unique! I mean, we haven’t heard anything like this before. Then Glee came along and ruined it. Then we wished they had ruined a song we didn’t like. Then they did Friday and we liked them for a split-second, before realising their crimes against music, rounding them all up and executing them… I digress…

What can I say? Well, it’s definitely unique. no-one will dispute that. What I mean, is that I have never heard a guitar riff like that in my entire life and I review music for crying out loud. If anyone was going to have heard it, it was me. I haven’t and as such, I’m impressed… Oh and before anyone says ‘Glee did the same’, that wheelchair kid whose name I can’t be bothered to look up, was playing it like, much quicker, a bit quieter and a completely different octave… Not the same…

So, it’s unique. The piano is easy to remember, the guitar impossible to imitate vocally and the vocals so difficult to correctly copy. Maybe I shouldn’t give Glee such a hard time of it, but they tried so I can mock them all I want. Anyway, enough about Glee… I didn’t want to mention them and here I am blubbering on about them…

So what about the actual lyrics? Well, I must say, they really make you think… If I was a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit, would I have just met that small town girl, or would we be humping each other to death in that train… Probably the former, although I do like the smell of wine… Especially the red stuff… Can’t be dry though… God no… Got to be a wet wine… Don’t look at me like that. I know what I’m talking about. I did a university course in wine tasting. Ok. That was a lie. It was pornographic studies. Ok. that was a lie as well. I’ve not even been to university yet… I still know what I’m talking about!

So, as usual, I’ll do my favourite lyrics next. Here they come…

‘A singer in a smokey room
A smell of wine and cheap perfume
For a smile they can share the night
It goes on and on and on and on’

Why? I don’t rightly know. I just know I like. A lot. It adds a setting other than a mysterious train and makes the whole song easier to visualise.

So, here we are. At the end of the first part of the longest series I will probably ever do. I have given a few clues to what the answer is, but I think I hid them so well, even Benny, who knows what it’s about, won’t be able to find them. All there is to do now is give it a score. Journey. I wish i could score you higher, but you inspired the greatest music criminals ever… I’m sorry, but I blame you.


That Guy

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