Why the world of Scooby Doo is more terrifying than we ever thought

Ahh Scooby Doo the show that taught us that monsters aren’t monsters at all, just dangerous criminals in Halloween masks and gave us a lesbian stereotype that has stuck for more than 20 years. Sure the show could be scary but so what? I t was just a show about a group fo kids foiling the plans of big corrupt corporate executives and other greedy middlemen.

OR IS IT!!!???!!!????

Scooby Doo is set in w world which has been shaken by the worst economic crisis in generations. I mean, let’s think about this. In the original series of Scooby Doo there are 25 episodes. In these episodes the groups come across abandoned mansions, abandoned fairgrounds, several ghost towns, abandoned factories, abandoned castles an abandoned ski resorts and an abandoned mill. Pretty much every episode is set in some abandoned business or building. Also, the majority of the villains are looking for work or money, other than 2 which I will get onto later. Our lovable teenage heroes aren’t running into hardened criminals, they’re dealing with people who are poor and need money. The other two include one guy who wants to get revenge for being fired and to be honest it seem like a lot of trouble to go through for just revenge, thus highlighting the value of work. The other guy is motivated by a hatred of robots, a major job stealer. What makes things worse is that the team are dealing with intelligent people. The villains include three who were PhDs, two who were lawyers, one who had the ability to produce near-identical forged paintings, one who could repair boats, one who was a magician, one who was a stuntman and one who could hypnotize people.

That’s the education system. Gone, completely ruined. In our world these people would be employed, perhaps even famous. In the Scooby Doo world they all probably lost their jobs and now they are on the streets, using their skills to make robots, holograms and elaborate lairs. These are smart people, not mafia dons or big crime bosses. Perhaps the biggest indicator of this is that the shipping industry is gone, one of the biggest and most important industries in the world reduced to smuggling and ghost ships. Everything has gone to shit, although on the plus side at least the dog food industry still seems to be going strong…


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