Why The Joker and Red Skull have the potential to be the greatest enemies in comic book history

Batman and the Joker, Spiderman and the Green Goblin, Superman and Lex Luthor, The Fantastic Four and Dr Doom, Captain America and Red Skull. All the best comic books have their supervillain/superhero combos all of which kick ass. The Joker, a madman who acts randomly, killing on a whim. He doesn’t work for money or for power, he’s just on it for the laughs, the chaos and the fun. Sure he’s a massive figure in the Gotham criminal underworld but that’s just a nice added extra. Red Skull, an orphan after his mother died in birth and his father killed himself, he joined the Third Reich and became Hitler’s right hand man, the embodiment of Nazi brutality, donning a Red Skull mask when he killed. Two supervillians, both freaking awesome characters both very memorable and famous. Surely if they were to meet they could form a partnership that would conquer the Earth, let alone Gotham city.

OR WOULD THEY!!!?????!!??!!!!!?

Well let’s think about this. What qualities define the Joker? He’s insane, he’s random, he’s involved in the criminal underworld, he has a maddening sense of humour going to extreme lengths for a laugh. Now lets look at Red Skull or even better, the Nazis in general. They’re systematic, brutal, sadistic, lack a sense of humour, fiercely straight faced and above all they are violently prejudice. So? Is there a problem?

Yes, there bloody well is… think about it, the Nazis hated the mentally ill. In fact they slaughtered them in their thousands. The Joker is mentally ill, Red Skull would want the Joker dead. Furthermore, a little known fact, Hitler was against organised crime, hell Mussolini took out half the Italian families and ,naturally, this pissed the hell out of the Mafia, not to mention all the other gangs in America. Hell, the gangs despised the Nazis. Few people know that the Mafia was America’s greatest ally in defeating the Nazis, they had the connections in the underworld to root out Axis informants. This means that the Joker may well hate the Nazis as much as they hate him. Furthermore we have the point that the Joker and Red Skull, could never work together because  they are practically incompatible. Imagine the scenario, the Joker is always cracking jokes and Red Skull just stands there, stone-faced. Not only would this be awkward but the Joker would get pissed off very quickly, hell he would probably be insulted by it. Plus the Joker’s killing is all over the place. He considers himself to be the very personification fo chaos whilst the Nazi’s killing was ordered, systematic and very beauracratic. They just wouldn’t get along at all. In fact they would hate each other, in fact they are polar opposites, in fact this has been done before…

Because even psychopaths need to protect the American way…


3 thoughts on “Why The Joker and Red Skull have the potential to be the greatest enemies in comic book history

    1. I agree whole-heartedly, but if there’s a problem for me, there’s a chance there’s a problem for the readers, so it’s better we don’t take that chance. If there’s a problem, we try and fix it. TADA!


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