That Guy’s Top 20 Dr Who Episodes

Right then. My second EVER list. Just to clarify, this list features only episodes from 2005 onwards. I haven’t seen ANY pre-Christopher Eccleston episodes, other than Earthshock and that was a two-parter anyway… I missed part 1… Anywho… I hope that you enjoy and agree with this list…

20 – School Re-Union

Ah. Meeting Sarah Jane Smith in a School filled with shape shifting bat aliens. Not a bad idea. Bring back an old companion, pet dog and spark a spin-off involving both. Nice idea Russell. Why is it here? Well, I put it here because it had that sort of sentimental feel to it. No. Not for me. For the Doctor. he never really got to say goodbye to Sarah and this gave him the chance. Also, they had Anthony Head as the headmaster and this would be a new and exciting role for him… Playing someone in a position of authority… Not like he’s played a King… Or a Vampire Slayer’s teacher… That would be preposterous! So yes. 20th place!

19 – Smith and Jones

Meeting a new companion in a hospital with a blood-sucking, species stealing, psycho-granny… With space rhinos… BRILLIANT. So why is it here? Well, let’s be honest… It was an obvious solution and it shouldn’t have had to happen at all. The Judoon were great at being merciless, just like Ming, but the episode just wasn’t as great as it could have been. There was no moon-walking… I see an episode set on the moon, I wanna see moon walking. try again next time Russell…

18 – The Doctor’s Daughter

A future war between Humans and Hath, set on a planet which is being terra-formed by, guess who, Humans and Hath. The Doctor turns up and his DNA is used to create a daughter, ready to fight. I never liked Catherine Tate as a companion, so why is this here? The Doctor’s daughter of course. She was hot. I’m a pervert. She wore a sort of uniform. I’m a pervert. Put two and two together and what do you get? 18th place!

17 – Night Terrors

The 11th Doctor goes to save a child who is afraid of EVERYTHING… What a bullshit story! Seriously! So what? I was scared of all sorts of stuff and I never got a TV show out of it! Not even a mention… Why is it here? It showed the value of family, even when the family was false. The kid wasn’t even his, but he took care of him and that’s a good thing. Apparently. I liked it…

16 – Tooth and Claw

The Doctor and Rose save Queen Victoria from a werewolf and some ninja-monks… I like Rose. I like Queen Victoria. I like werewolves. Need I say more?

15 – The End of Time

The 10th Doctor gets killed whilst stopping the Master’s return and the return of the rest of the Time Lords. I HATED this episode. Not because of the plot. that was fine. Seeing Bernard Cribbins shooting down missiles was SPECTACULAR, but witnessing the death of, dare I say it, the best EVER Doctor, was heartbreaking. I didn’t cry, but everyone around me at the time did. It was a sad episode… So, I liked it, but hated it. 15th place it is!

14 – The Shakespeare Code

The Doctor and Martha visit Shakespeare and stop some Carrionites from releasing a horde of spectres which will wipe out humanity. I recently watched this at my girlfriends and it made me realise a few things I hadn’t. References. I like references. Obviously I recognised the quotes from plays, but I didn’t get the whole joke about academics punching the air until then and it cheered me up. (I was in a VERY good mood as it was though). 14th place!

13 – The Lodger

The Doctor lodges at a house where the top floor is a space-ship which kills those who venture into it. Danger! Well, the flat-mate was Craig, played by James Cordon, who I absolutely love, when it comes to comedy. Serious stuff, not so much. Anywho, sentiment over, because I told Benny not to be sentimental, I don’t like Matt Smith as the Doctor. he had a tough job, filling in after David Tennant, but I still don’t like him. As such, he’s got 13th place with this performance. Unlucky for some!

12 – 42

Even unluckier is landing on a ship that’s falling into a living sun and having to face the possessed bodies of some crew members whilst trying to escape.  All with 42 minutes left. Great! A pub quiz system used to lock the doors and a ‘burn baby burn’ attitude behind the villain. What more could you want? Well, how about some well written characters? I suppose Martha’s buddy was all right, but the captain and her lover were terrible characters. 12th place for you!

11 – Partners in Crime

Meet Donna, again, and fight off a horde of Adipose babies, led by Mrs Foster, who was using human fat to make the babies. I still don’t like Donna, but at least this time she is actually useful. The so-called monsters were surprisingly cute, which made them tough to hate, even if they were innocent. Mrs Foster was misguided, making her hard to hate. Multiple sonic devices? that’s a cop-out. The Doctor didn’t stop the villains… He hindered them… Pointless! Why is it here? Well, the whole episode flowed well and the conversation through the windows whilst the whole ‘tell me your plan’ scene was going on was hysterical…

10 – The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit

The Doctor and Rose land on a planet about to fall into a black hole, which also just so happens to be the Devil’s prison. Nicely written. You can’t go wrong with the Devil as your villain. We met the Ood, who scared the Ba-Jesus out of me when I first watched it. The sight of a nebula or galaxy or whatever it was being ripped apart by the black hole was stunning! Why is it 10th? Well, let’s be honest here. There was too much emphasis on the so-called ancients. They planned all of it. Thus, fate exists. Thus, everything I do is pre-determined. I don’t like the feel of that. I want to think that I am in control of what I do. As such, FUCK YOU ALL READERS! Sorry. The ancients made me do it…

9 – Vincent and the Doctor

The Doctor goes back in time to meet Vincent Van Gogh and helps him deal with his insanity… For a while…  Vincent Van Gogh, the great artist, being able to see an alien. That’s new. I like it. I also like the that he got to see what sort of impact he had on the world. What I don’t like, was that he still killed himself AFTER seeing his impact on the world. I know WHY it happened, but it made the episode feel pointless.

8 – Bad Wolf / Parting of the Ways

The Doctor, Rose and Jack get placed into game shows run by the Daleks, who wish to take over the Earth. Nothing new there then. I like this episode. It showed that the Doctor wasn’t perfect, but that he also had a tough job. The Ann-Droid was a nice touch. Why’s it only 8th? Well, I felt that the fact that the greatest time machine left in existence  could have its core broken into by a tow-truck… Seriously? That’s bullshit. 8th place for you!

7 – Dalek

A lone Dalek attempts to escape an alien museum, chasing Rose as she attempts to escape it. We meet the first Dalek of the New Age of Dr Who and what do they do? they make it weak and feeble. They make it feel like a human. It’s hard to hate that which is almost human. Apparently… So why is it 7th? Because it made me feel empathy for a monster. That’s a good thing…

6 – The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People

A load of living flesh tries to rebel against their creators and the Doctor has to stop it. It was a shit episode. I hated it. A lot. Why is it here? It surprised me. I had no idea that Amy was a flesh creature. Surprises lead to high scores! 6th place!

5 – The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances

A creepy child roams the streets of London and turns people into copies of itself (keeping their form, but taking the gas-mask face). I was freaked out by this episode. Remembering that I was 11 when I saw it, don’t laugh when I say that I wouldn’t go in my wardrobe for a month, for fear of being attacked by a gas-mask-child. In retrospect, I loved the way that Richard Wilson’s character, a doctor, was turned into the gas mask man he became. It was freaky, but visually amazing! 5th place for you!

4 – Utopia / The Sound of Drums / Last of the Time Lords

A three-part story in which the Master rises to power and falls to his knees as the Doctor, who goes through a year of being Yoda, fights him. WOAH! 3 parts? Nice! John Simm was great as the Master and the whole ‘Voodoo Child’ thing excited me. There was surprises and laughs, shocks and scares. I like it. 4th place!

3 – Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead

The Doctor and Donna go to a planet which is one massive library, where they get attacked by space piranhas which hi-jack some skeletons. Plus, we meet River Song. Why’s this 3rd? Because the skeletons were cool. Very cool. ‘Nuff said.

2 – The Waters of Mars

The Doctor goes to Mars, where he runs into the first manned mission team to land there, Bowie One, which is doomed to fail. He decides to save as many of them as he can. This showed us that the Doctor breaks his own rules and as such, makes him more human. Even if he is an alien. We also meet a woman who, even in the face of salvation, sacrifices herself in order to maintain as much of the original timeline as she possibly could, despite her lack of knowledge about time and how it works. That, my dear readers, is bravery and what I admire. 2nd place wouldn’t have been enough, but I’m afraid it will have to do.

1 – Blink

Living statues of angels are revealed to be assassins sent from the future to terminate Sarah Conner… I mean, try to steal the TARDIS, sending the Doctor to 1969, making him completely useless, so he has to rely on a woman in the present to save him, herself and a shit-load of other people… There is one reason that this episode is 1st place. The atmosphere. It’s spooky from start to stop. The whole thing. All of it. A bit paradoxical at times, but spooky. We don’t even see the statues move. They stay still the whole freaking time they are in sight. Spooooky. It deserves 1st place, so it got it. Plus, the final moments, showing loads of statues really helped to round off the experience with a bout of paranoia! GOOD WORK!

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