2 Hours To Go…

I’m starting to get excited and here I am writing this almost 2 days in advance… I have to hate my mind sometimes. Absolute hell at times… I tell ya.

Well, I hope Maggie Thatcher WASN’T on my mind earlier. I can guarantee that now I’ll either be preparing for the occasion with a few pints of lager, or will be dancing around in the living room like the Muppet I am… I can’t dance. I’m dreading every moment of dancing I do tonight. All of it.

Ah well. I can blame the drink. I hope… A glass of Bailey’s and I probably won’t even know I’m doing it. That might work actually.

Comment about whether you want me to dance well, badly… put in some requests and I might record me doing them… I don’t even know any more…

That Guy

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