The Countdown Begins – 6 Hours Remaining

Well, here starts the countdown to New Year. I know I said I’d be live-blogging, but an opportunity to spend a few nights with my Girlfriend and her amazing family arose, so I decided to go there instead. As such, I have set this and all my other posts tonight to post themselves at the correct times. I did the same for Christmas. No-one knows unless you say something… I chose to say something…

So, here we are, with 6 hours remaining in this year. All I can say is that over the last 11 months, 30 days and 18 hours, we’ve faced a lot of incredible and horrifying things. The Arab Spring. Gadaffi’s death. Bin Laden’s death. Kim Jong Il’s death. Rebecca Black and Friday. You get the point…

Thing is, this year, we’ve had some brilliant things happen. We created That Guy That Reviews Stuff. I met some amazing people. I tried honey roast ham for the first time. Stuff like that.

Ok. So all of that stuff was good for me, but it’s stuff that happened. It’s good stuff. Why not comment with all the good and bad stuff that’s happened to you this year. If you won the lottery, I want some…

Well, until 7pm, farewell and enjoy the evening!

That Guy

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