Forever Young – Alphaville

Part 4 of the contest series. Another 40-odd to go. All contest details can be found here. It was only the link between the songs that made me find out about Alphaville and my first assumption was that they were a modern band that wanted to stay young and cool, but in fact, it seems to be an 80’s band that want to stay young and cool. I also didn’t realise that it was in Napoleon Dynamite, which is a film I watched a few years back… Ah well – Review time!

Ok. The music. Typical 80’s. A few simple instruments played in an over-exuberant fashion. You see them playing what looks like an Organ and a Piano, but it SOUNDS as though there’s a trumpet in there as well. If not then they’re either playing the previous instruments very wrong, or very right. Not sure which… Overall, the music sounds ok and it can really drag you in. I found myself listening to that INSTEAD of the words… I liked the drums at the end of Chorus 1. It sounded good.

Lyrics now. Basically, I see this song as being about people who wish to stay young forever. Now, they do say that they don’t mind if they die young, or if they live forever and in all honesty, the chorus suggests that they would prefer to die young. Sounds a bit stupid to me really, but each to their own. The good thing about Alphaville is that they don’t use a similar rhythm to all their lines. This makes it hard t sing and I like those songs, as it means that fewer people will copy it and ruin it. That’s a good thing. Although, I was annoyed to find that Glee had done a version. I can understand why, but it just makes me want to go round and imitate Columbine in THEIR school. No. I wouldn’t do it, but I want to sometimes…

What about the video? Well. it looked as though they were in a church, surrounded by hobos who went into a scary portal thing. Spooky stuff! I didn’t really get what was going on, but I assume the portal kept people young forever. Sort of makes sense I guess… They had great hair as well…

So. My favourite lyrics? It has to be…

‘Some are like water, some are like the heat,
Some are a melody and some are the beat,
Sooner or later they all will be gone,
Why don’t they stay young’ 

 As it sort of comes to terms with death. Everyone dies and everyone experiences someone else’s death during their own life. This says that, accepts that it happens and deals with it. Good lyrics!


That Guy

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