Bambi (1942)

Children are sensitive things, sad moments hit them hard. When we were kids, things got to us more than they do now. Of all the sad things in all the world, Bambi’s death is revered as one of the saddest and this is the movie that it comes from…Bambi…Quite the coincidence…

The film is basically just a look at the life of one deer named Bambi. We see him lose his mother, find a friend in thumper, find a mate in another deer and constantly flee from the evil that is MAN.

I’m a little torn with this film. One the one hand there are some things that are brilliant, like the animation. My God, the animation is just great, the water looks magnificent and the setting of the woods gives for a lot of options for natural drawings and it looks excellent. The idea of taking one character of looking at their life is great, Dumbo did it well but here we have more, going from birth to reproduction (maybe I would’ve liked to see death included in this). I love the way that man is the enemy but he’s never seen. We only hear about the actions of man and because he is never seen it build him as a threat. The scene with Bambi’s mum is still pretty strong, the fact that you see her die offscreen adds to the moment and the conversation he has with his father, who is a mostly absent figure from Bambi’s life, is powerful. The biggest complaint with the film comes immediately after the death of the mother. The transition from that scene to the next means that you lose any opportunity to expand on the moment, to expand on Bambi’s feelings on the situation. It’s done a little but even so, you had the perfect opportunity to show a young child coming to terms with the death of a loved one and for the mot part you didn’t. The music is nice, the imagery is good and the story is pretty decent. So why am I torn? Well the answer is simple. Bambi. I don’t know what it is about this character but at times I find myself getting a little bored with him and, to be perfectly honest, I don’t know why they made him talk. With Dumbo, he didn’t need to talk, it was better that he didn’t. Then again you were looking at the world around Dumbo rather than his own development. Even so, Bambi should’ve been silent for the most part, I don’t think you can avoid it during the adult years but certainly during his childhood.

Is it perfect? No. Are there things that it does well? Yes. Should you watch it? Meh, go ahead.



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