Cinderella (1950)

After Bambi, Disney decided to go right back to doing fairy tales, the last time it did this was with Snow White. This is Cinderella.

The plot is simple. A young woman is kept as a slave by her sadistic bitch of a Stepmother and her two fuck-ugly daughters (you will here a lot of rage against these three later on…). Her only hope is to attend a ball and meet a Prince who will take her away, letting her live happily ever after.

This film is the best Disney film I’ve seen so far, everything is perfect or close to, the beginning, the animation, the main character, the villains, the story, the minor characters, the music, everything is great. Let’s go through this. Firstly the film uses the same book/fairytale openings we’ve seen before in Snow White and Pinocchio and that’s a nice touch. The credits look nice and the ending shot of Cinderella going off with the Prince is a nice ending. The animation is good, as always and the shots of the castle actually look very art nouvue’ee. The music is good, once again not that memorable but they are good at the time. The only song that is memorable is bibbity boppety boo and it’s great. The minor characters are brilliant. The Fairy Godmother has a brief appearence but is still really likable. The King is, to be honest, a bit of a douche. He’s obsessed with having a Grandchild, despite the fact that his son may not even want to marry, he threatens his servant to death if he doesn’t find Cinderella and even chases the guy round a room with a sword fo letting her get away in the first place, nevertheless he is kinda funny and that’s enough to excuse any mindlessly barbaric behaviour in my book.

See, if he did slapstick then maybe things would be different…

The animals are good, the horses and the dog are good but the best by far are the mice. They aren’t conventional speaking animals, instead they misunderstand words and speak in wittle high-pitched voices. That’s smarter than the animals in the films we’ve seen before. The villains are just perfect. You’ve got the cat called Lucifer. That’s right, Lady Tremaine named her cat Lucifer. What the hell. The Step-sisters are just vile. They boss Cinderella about, constantly deride her and then, just as there seems to be some hope for, rip up her dress for the ball. Lady Tremaine is worse though because she is the intelligent one, the manipulative bitch who encourages her daughters. The fact that she still bosses Cinderella around, locks her in her room and breaks the slipper, she doesn’t have magical powers or even a position of much authority, she just has control over this one person’s life and my God does she try to squeeze every last drop of joy out of it. I mean, just look at that fucking smirk of hers, it just makes me want to punch her. By far one of the best moments in the film is when Cinderella produces the second slipper after Tremaine has destroyed the first one, she pulls this shocked face as if to say SAY WHAAAAAAAT!!!?? The use of shadows and build-up when you first see her makes her look like a Bond villain, what with her stroking Lucifer. Bitch. Cinderella is such a likable protagonist. She has been a slave for the last 15 or so years yet she’s still smiling and singing throughout most of the movie. When she spends all that time preparing to make her dress and then talks about how it was her mother’s, it just makes it so much worse when Lady bitchfuck and her two daughters rip it to pieces, leaving Cinderella to cry outside. I don’t think I’ve felt so much empathy for a character like this in a long, long time. Plus, she’s more developed than Snow White could ever hope to be. She has more of a motivation, what with attempting to escape from Lady bitchfuck and co, and she just does more in general.

A brilliant film, pretty much perfect. I’m struggling to find any flaw with it whatsoever. Great villain, great protagonist, great music, great minor characters. WATCH IT.



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