Welcome [Insert New Writer’s Name Here]

I have the GREAT pleasure of introducing Gwinnet0 to our team, who I believe can use his unique writing style to entertain and inform you brilliant readers out there.

Gwinnet0 – Welcome! I look forwards to blogging WITH you, instead of blogging AT you… Should be fun! Remember, I’m here if you need anything!

2 thoughts on “Welcome [Insert New Writer’s Name Here]

  1. In place of this comment, some tosspot tried to advertise various drugs, including Viagra and Valium. Since I’m a nice, well respectable fellow, I refused to allow these adverts to get through to you.

    You’re welcome.

    That Guy


  2. Another annoying cunt tried to advertise non-prescription drugs here, so here I am, being responsible, and stopping it from happening. It’s times like these that make me realise just how stupid people are. Sure, they want to sell drugs, but do they REALLY think it’s a good idea to advertise them on a review blog. Honestly people! I should be getting paid for saving you all from Spam like that!

    So, since I won’t get paid anytime soon, here’s to Cuntyface McMuffin Tits and his shitty drug company!


    That Guy


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