Time for a little rant now. I’ve not had one for a VERY long time…

When people comment on here, be they human or bot, they cause me to spend my time dealing with them. For most, this is a quick reply and an approval. Yes. I decide which ones get posted. I do this to ensure that annoying spam ones don’t clog up the comment sections. I might not catch-all the spam, but as a rule, I manage to stop you all from having to see it.

I also EDIT some comments. No. Nothing major. I wouldn’t change a highly critical comment into a very positive one. I would, however, correct any mistakes in the way the comment was written (capital letters, missing words, punctuation, etc).

I’m not saying to stop commenting. I’m not saying to stop making those tiny mistakes that we all make. I’m saying to stop spamming us. I know some of them will be bots, but when it was obviously written by a human, they get extremely tedious to deal with. Sure, I can bulk delete, but I prefer the personal touch. As such, I delete each one individually, sometimes wishing I didn’t have the moral hinderance which stops me from changing them into extremely positive comments.

I know it won’t change, but I vow that for every spam comment we get AFTER this coming Sunday, I will edit them. All of them. Every single one. And I’ll make them very positive. VERY positive. Plus, I’ll give the ‘commenter’ a really stupid name, like Shitface┬áMcGruder… That’ll learn ’em.

Less of a rant, more of a moan, but it doesn’t stop it from needing to be said. Just think before you spam, ok? I used to think it was fun to spam, but then I took an arrow to the knee…

That Guy

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