Why we should all hate Rose just that little bit more…

Yes, we all know the story of one of the most hideously over-rated films of all time. Rose is a wealthy, first class woman who falls into a depression because of her imminent marriage to douchebag Cal. Third Class Jack steps in and saves her, teaching her to love life etc etc. At the end Jack dies because Rose was too selfish to make some room on a door that obviously could’ve supported the both of them. Everybody cries but we learn later on that Rose re-married and was happy, living her life to the full as Jack told her and never forgetting him. All in all, life is good.

OR IS IT!!!!????

Well, let’s think about this. Rose re-marries and has a family, but here’s the thing. She NEVER got over Jack. Evidence? After Rose gets off the Carpathia at New York, a steward asks for her name. Rose replies that her name is Rose DAWSON, instead of her real name, Rose…Yeah I’m not even gonna try on this one….She takes Jack’s name. So, yeah I know what your thinking, that one point doesn’t prove anything, Jack had just died and naturally Rose was feeling a little crap, she was devoted to this guy, changing her name is perfectly natural. Well, yeah I suppose you could say that but there’s more evidence. When we see Rose on the expedition ship she brings with her a bajillion photos which she claims she always travels with. Later, when she dies/dream (we’ll get to that), the camera pans across her bedside table where it shows that all the photos are of Rose doing the things Jack told her about. Quick question, where are all the wedding photos?? Doesn’t it seem strange that a 100 year old woman, who is obviously sentimental, wouldn’t travel with photos of what should’ve been the happiest day of her life? Ok, so that doesn’t mean she was obsessed with Jack or anything. Sure but here’s the clincher. The dream/death. Rose imagines that she’s back on the Titanic and Jack is there to greet her, where the hell is her husband? I don’t know, maybe he’s on a different ship, the point is that Rose imagines that she’s 19 again and with a man that she met about 80 years ago.

So there ya have it. Rose only married this guy because she had a void to fill. She spent about 70 years with a guy she never loved, probably pretending that he was Jack. This woman was obsessed. Chances are she never even talks or thinks about her husband anymore, everything is about Jack, at least in her head because she never tells anyone else about him. Maybe that’s the scariest thing about this film. Rose is completely obsessed with Jack and unable to mentally un-attach herself from him…I blame Celine Dion…


11 thoughts on “Why we should all hate Rose just that little bit more…

    1. The thing is, their love touched them one time, but last both of their lifetimes… And she said she’d never let go, but she did when he was ‘gone’…


    1. Ah, but once she opened that door (the one she was floating on) he was there in her heart. And her heart will go on…


    1. How the hell does Canada come into it? What connection? (Yes, I know she’s Canadian, but you’re suggesting another link)


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