Sleep is one of life’s necessities, is it not? We’re all taught that sleep will aid us in our day-to-day life and without a decent amount of it, we’re screwed in a matter of weeks (about 34 days if memory serves me well). So, why on earth does EVERYONE cope well with the occasional all-nighter? At what point would our bodies scream out ‘enough is enough’? I plan to find out…

You may be thinking, ‘What? In the middle of a college term? What a dumbass!’. To you, I say shut it! I’m not stupid you know! I’d be doing this during the next college holiday, in February, with the intention of writing 6 hourly blog posts on my progress, playing games in between and hoping beyond hope that I can still see straight when I’m done. I give myself 3 days before I fail, but even then, I’m going to be pushing my body out of its comfort zone…

So why? What on earth possessed me to do this? Well, I was sick of going to bed on a Sunday night, at a reasonable time of 1 AM (so technically Monday morning), only to be woken up barely 6 hours later, tired out of my mind and wondering what the frack is wrong with me, when an all-nighter will leave me relatively alert until, oooh, 11:00 AM. After that, I’m a bit less focussed, maybe drooling slightly with a very dazed look on my face.

I look tired. I feel tired. I want to go to sleep, yet sleep eludes me. Sleep, the final sleep, will leave me wondering where the frack I am, what I see myself doing in 5 years and wondering whether or not I’ll be escaping the coffin that my successors would bury me in at first chance. And Benny’s seen Kill Bill, so he knows how easy it is to punch your way out. He won’t make it easy…

So, back to sleep, I wish… 8 hours a night seems to do for me, so I’ll be heading off to bed now. I wrote that last sentence 3 times, each one with the word ‘pet’ in place of bed. The last time I saw someone inside a pet was very disturbing and the royals promised there’d never do it again…

Night night, readers…

That Guy

PS. Anyone got a pillow?

6 thoughts on “Sleep

    1. Maybe the three / four of us should meet up and do a few all night drinking sessions… That’d be a laugh…


  1. Yes it would, but as we (me and TG) would not be sleeping that would make it a real challenge. And then ive got to admit, especially if shots are involved, i may not win.


  2. Well, I’m a lightweight when it comes to drinking… I have to be at something… I’ll be out-cold by drink 3


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