Hello “That Guy That Reviews Stuff”

Hi everyone. My first post. How are you? Oh, right, you can’t answer. Anyway, I would first off like to say thank you for the warm reception I’ve had at joining the team. Benny, changing your picture, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so thank you so much for that; It made me feel cool for a bit. Plus, I am happy to be taken into That Guy’s increasingly large embrace. For you readers who have not have had the privilege to meet That Guy, he is not fat, but I also never lie and he is quite pudgy. I hope he doesn’t kick me for that.

Anyway fans, not of me, of the website, here is what you can expect of me for now, until I change my mind. I have realised on this website that truly, no media is safe yet very little emphasis is given to the review of books. I understand why, because you can watch movies for free on T.V. if you wait long enough and music will always be free on YouTube, but no matter what, you always have to buy books. It’s probably the most expensive area of media to review, with T.V., like Sherlock, being the easiest. So, I think I will begin by making my mark reviewing books more than anything else. I may do a few X-box games (as I am an X-box gamer myself) or music on the side.

I love movies, but I will have to fight the others for that territory, or at least ask permission. I might drop in a poem or two as I love poetry and write my own, so if you could respond to my poetry blogs, that would be very helpful to me. Also, as you can tell from this first blog, I like to ramble, so expect many rants. This was only meant to be a quick hello so I will end it here. I hope you enjoy my future work; I will try to be funny, but no promises, and I mis-spell a lot of things.

Blogging soon, Ben

aka, That Other Guy

5 thoughts on “Hello “That Guy That Reviews Stuff”

    1. It is a pretty cool picture, but mine’s the best… That’s ACTUALLY what I look like when reviewing…

      As for any mistakes, with your leave, I’d happily go through and fix them for you. No fee, of course… 😉


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